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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Would YOU Look if You Got Tickets to the PBR???


Meet my friend Jackie. This is how SHE looked when given tickets to the PBR for Christmas!

She is a smiler, and a laugher, and an encourager.

Here she is meeting Kenny Chesney. Well, his cardboard cutout self anyway.

Jackie has had a blog just lying fallow, smoldering away doing nothing. This week she brought it out of storage and got it up and running again.

Won't you please go give her a visit - - - and maybe click to follow - - - poor thing only has ONE follower at the moment, and as you will see, that one follower is pretty QUESTIONABLE at best!

So - - - toodle-oooo - - - run on over there and visit.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Any friend of yours....etc! Going over to visit now!

Claudya Martinez said...

Okay. Will do.

Rebecca said...

I'm on my way.....

Anonymous said...

Here I go.
And this is exactly how I met UPANNIE, whom I really like!

Thanks Keetha for being a good cheerleader ~ and friend.


Tonja said...

I'm sorry...I know it's because I'm dumb as dirt, but I don't know what NPR is? So, I'M assumming it's a good thing, since she's smiling?

Guess it's just too hard to think when there is so much sun and blue sky and summer stuff around to clutter my mind. (Really, I'm glad you are getting more sun and blue sky and nice breezes!)

Kristin - The Goat said...

Unlike Tonja, I do know what NPR is - National Public Radio - although I'm sure there are many other NPRs out there. What I don't know is what PBR means. In my language it means Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and I just don't think she'd be all that excited about getting tickets to a six pack of beer LOL

Kim Sue said...

I'm going with Professional Bull Riding.

JerAng said...

I work with Doug at CVS Systems. :)