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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Havin' "Gran" Times


I didn't manage to capture too many pictures of the great times we had with the grans last week while they were here, but such as I have, give I unto you!

Mackinley LOVED to play "Angry Birds" on Papoo's i-Pad, this time he donned his "Indiana Jones" hat and crawled up beside Papoo before Papoo even opened his eyes!

Each day we took little field trips - - - to the cheese factory, the park at the lake, the Dollar Tree, Culver's and McDonalds.

This is the "Diva isn't happy about the sand in her flip-flops" look. I kept telling her we'd clean it all out when we got back in the car, she kept saying "I need BATH!"

The sand was no impediment to Mackinley - - - he just kicked off his flops and ran hither and yon.

We were all thankful for SUNSHINE and WARMTH so we could play at the park!!

Little Miss Diva finally got happy on the slide.

And when we got home, Piper put her puppy to bed - - - with the shiny red basketball beads and two of Kamma's cushions.

And - - - we all lived happily ever after.



Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

They're adorable Keetha!
It looks like you all had a great time together and your so clever with all the little trips you came up with! Kids love that and they will always remember those special times!

Ann in the UP said...

You can tell it's been a long time since summer when sand is a foreign object in your flip-flops. Fun at the park---and sunshine. Blessed sunshine! Ahhh.

Jojo said...

Sunshine, warmth and "Angry Birds" ... life is complete!

podso said...

Fun times and wonderful memory making!

Pam said...

The pics of the kids are oh so cute, but it's the one that caught Greg sleeping that has me chuckling! Does he really have to have a pillow mushed on top of his head to get his beauty rest?

Keri said...

I love that top picture! :) Mack and Papoo have a special bond.

Traci Marie Wolf said...

Very cute kids! Pretty soon Ipads are going to be acceptable baby shower gifts. My 3 year old niece has claimed her mother's Ipad.

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun time with the kiddos! I love all of the pictures but the one "Little Miss Diva" on the slide... PRECIOUS!

Mackinley with Papoo's IPad while Papoo still snoozing, love it...

Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

Holly said...

Cute kiddos!

Can I be one of your grandkids?

Kristin - The Goat said...

That Piper needs to learn how to get dirty LOL I need a bath - that's great. So's that puppy taking a nap with the basketball necklace.

I really should get that angry birds app. I'm afraid I may get even more behind if I do though.

When I visit you I want to go to the cheese factory, too.