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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

People Posers

An entire post today of "posed" and "semi-posed" glimpses of our family.

Daughter Korie and S-I-L Chris

Nephew Dustin with great nephew Cohan

Daughter Keri with (my) Sister Pam

Niece-I-L Kayla with Cohan

SOON TO BE (Aug. 27) D-I-L Cathy and Kelly-Son

Cousins! (Niece Misti, Daughter Keri)

Two "outlaws"
(That outlaw business is obviously a JOKE in our family, folks!)
Niece-I-L Kayla and S-I-L Jason

Daughter Keri and her daughter, our darling gran Piper

Me and Mini Me
Cohan and his Granpaw Bill

Our Grans
Mackinley, Kaeleigh, and Piper

Grans - - - Take Two!

Cousins all
Mackinley, Kaeleigh, Piper, Misti, and Misti's daughter Carson

Our two beautiful daughters, Korie and Keri
With their hubbies, Chris and Jason

(There is a "hole" in the snow/ice storm which is dumping its cargo of nasty roads on the midwest. We are scooting HOME TODAY from Indana to Wisconsin RIGHT THROUGH the hole in the storm.)



Theresa said...

Great pictures, I love seeing all of the family, even the outlaws:) Drive safely thru that hole in the storm! HUGS!

Ann in the UP said...

OOOO, I love Keri's haircut!Everybody looks pretty happy, with the exception of the baby, Little Sobersides. He doesn't look UNhappy, but he may be taking notes for his upcoming book.

nancygrayce said...

You have a beautiful family! Be careful getting through that HOLE! Y'all are having some really crazy weather!

Of course I just saw the weather and we're scheduled for severe storms later?? I hate that......the dogs refuse to go out unless I take them with an umbrella! If you ever hear I've been hit by lightning it's true!

Keri said...

I was going to say "WHOA bad hair day for Keri!" but then Ann complimented it so maybe I should just shut up. :)

groovyoldlady said...

Such a happy and fun looking bunch. Praise God for our families, eh?

Tonja said...

What a beautiful family you have! Every one looks so happy. And what a blessing to have all the children, as well. Another generation to 'train up'!

Vickie said...

so sorry I missed you! Beautiful pictures of your beautiful family! You are blessed!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Great pictures. Your family is so nice looking. I love the expressions on little Pipers face!