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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Reruns - Goin' West


It's Sunday again, and you know what THAT means!?! It's time for Sunday Favorites!!!

Sunday Favorites are RERUNS, not current posts - - - if you want to participate, just repost something you previously posted "back in the day."

Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting this meme, "Sunday Favorites." You may click on the link to find the rules and see more favorite posts.

I have been reposting favorites in order from the beginning of my blogging experience back in June of 2006 and moving toward "now." I have reached our Wisconsin vacation posts from the summer of 2008. Since we have just recently moved to Wisconsin I have decided to repost some of those posts that honor and highlight my beloved Badger State.

This is the THIRD of those reposts.

There will be MORE Wisconsin reruns to follow in the next few weeks.

Go West Young Man
(First posted on July 15,2008)

We returned to West's Dairy yesterday - - -

This time to sample the wares. NO I did not eat a cone THIS SIZE!!!!!

Remember these? I do. This is what we used to get on our door step several mornings each week. We had a little metal insulated box in which the milk man placed the bottles. In the winter when it was really cold - - - like 30 below zero - - - dad would LISTEN for the milkman at 5 a.m. or so and get right up and bring the milk in or it would freeze, even in the insulated box.

No - - - West's doesn't USE these bottles any more, they just had then sitting there for people like me to use for going down memory lane - - -

When I was a girl in this town, the dairy didn't look quite like this on the inside - - - but they have decorated it in retro and have lots of dairy antiques scattered around.

And this IS the "scoop" of ice cream that I ate. This is a "half" scoop of Death by Chocolate and a "half" scoop of Chocolate Peanut Butter. I couldn't eat TWO scoops in one sitting if this is only ONE!!!



Ann in the UP said...

And again I repeat. Yum!

From the Kitchen said...

Is West Dairy anywhere near Fond du Lac? I want a bowl of that chocolate ice cream!

Yes, we always have beets in the house--especially pickled ones in the refrigerator. We love them. Our children, on the other hand, would have just as soon eaten dirt!!


Whosyergurl said...

Keetha, as for your comment about the heat sandwich...I am often much the same. Wake up with KILLER hot flashes and have to get up to have a cool drink and cool down. I usually have my side of the heated mattress pad on 2 or 3 while dug has his up full blast and I often ask him to turn it down because I can feel the heat coming off of his side and his BODY is very heat-producing, anyway! Hugs, Cheryl

Sonia said...


Love real dairies!! Everything is so much better. That ice cream looks delicious! On our recent trip to CA we found an organic dairy (Strauss family) that stills bottles milk and cream in bottles...even the 2% milk had cream that had formed a plug at the top..when I first opened it I thought the milk might have soured...boy was I wrong..the best milk I ever had!! Thanks for sharing and bringing back good memories.

Miss Bloomers

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas said...

Oh my! Look at the peanut butter in there! This ice cream just looks perfect. I may have to melt some peanut butter on my Breyer's chocolate tonight. Sigh, it's not the same, though.

podso said...

Thanks for the milk bottle picture ... trip down memory lane.

Cathy said...

Do you think that would deliver to Texas!!! I have a metal bottle container,like that one you shared.
cathy's cupboard calamity

Janet, said...

That looks like a dairy I would like to go to. I love the old milk bottles, we lived in the country and never had any of those dropped off to our door step, though. I have a small collection of these, wish I had a carrier to put them in.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Girlfriend...

OOooh...Death by Chocolate? What a way to go!!! Hehe! Mmmm...that bowl of chocolate ice cream looks divine, my friend!

I just love this home town ice cream shoppe! Love how they decorated with all the retro things too! Ohhh yes...I do remember when we had our milk delivered in those glass milk bottles! Hmmm..think we had this conversation last week. Hehe! I have never seen the milk get so cold that it started making a funnel out the top of the jar though! Hehe! Ahhh...the good ol' days!

Loved this sweet post, Keetha! Thanks so much for sharing it with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this week! I do apologize at being so late to get by for a visit. I had sooo much fun on our Valentine's Day weekend getaway but it sure put me behind on my blogging! Hehe!

Hope you're having a fabulous day, sweet friend!
Chari @Happy To Design