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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fifth Sunday at Peepaw's


Whenever there is a month with a 5th Sunday, the descendants of #9 (of 13 siblings) aka Peepaw descend upon 4012 South Adams Street for dinner.

Back in the day - - - a few short days ago - - -this used to be a relatively simple thing for we all lived within an hour of 4012 South Adams Street.

Such is no longer the case - - - and the length of time between our 5th Sunday gatherings has gotten longer and longer for now we are scattered from the Tundra of Alaska to the Tropics or Florida.

Yesterday we came homing in from the four corners of the world to meet at Peepaw's table once again.

All FOUR generations of us.

I used the panoramic feature on my new camera to try and capture a wider view of the festivities.

Too bad I cut off Kayla's head and Jason's bald.

Maybe this shot is a bit better - - - at least I only cut off Kayla's nose!

The ultra fancy corrugated toy box was, as usual, the center of activity.

The really wee little one sat off to the side, just a bit, in the protection of daddy's feet, but still enjoyed part of the bounty from The Box.

Even Peepaw, a very young 82, still enjoys the multigenerational floor sitting around The Box of toys - - - same toys which have now entertained two generations of his grans.

Our crowd grew and grew until it was standing room only! In fact, we think our NEXT gathering is going to have to move to larger spaces!

This time the F2 and F3 (grans and great grans) dined at the BIG table with Peepaw

While Sister Pam and I were relegated to the side-bar card table in the living room.

A few of us preferred "grazing" from the serving table.

And for dessert - - - we had some birthday celebratin' to do!

Mackinley a birthday "past" and Peepaw a birthday "future."

Mackinley was happy to do the candle honors for them both.

After dinner, more fellowshipping broke out.

Until one wee angel had to serve her time-out sentence in the corner and her

Third shift weary daddy went off to the Land of Nod despite the clamour all around.



Erin said...

What a neat tradition!

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Great family the photo of the "naughty one', made me laugh!! As for the asparagus, I snap off the ends, throw some extra virgin olive oil in a baking dish, throw some crushed garlic on top of oil (about 3 cloves) toss the asparagus around to coat and bake at 400' for about 10 minutes - tossing it around 1/2 way thru...obviously I have never written a recipe for a cook book - haha

ain't for city gals said...

Great tradition, Keetha...I'm going to think about this...when I saw the little one in the corner I thought..uh oh...everyone looks like they are having a good time...families rule!

podso said...

How blessed you are with family! What a neat tradition.

Terra said...

Now that looks like a great gathering with all the important elements. The cake looks delicious.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

What great family pics Keetha!
And I am happy to see Hubby is wearing the right sweatshirt! wink!
Poor little cutie in the corner.
I could just give her a hug!

Janet, said...

Love the post. The little ones and the toy box are so cute. And, I love the birthday cake. Looks so yummy!

The one with the shoes said...

Where's the pic of me and chrissy poo??

Brenda said...

Aw, the time out picture is adorable!
What a neat idea, I might have to mention that to my family and see if they'd like to start a tradition similar.

Kristin - The Goat said...

What fun! I love family gatherings and without the pressure of Thanksgiving or Christmas, this 5th Sunday thing so like fun!

xinex said...

I love family gatherings like this. What fun! Thanks for sharing, Keetha...Christine

Ann in the UP said...

I quite agree, that this is a wonderful family tradition! And it is great that so many people will make the effort to get there!

Good for you!

Keri said...

FYI...I STOLE a bunch of your pictures and put them on Facebook. :)

groovyoldlady said...

I wish we had family traditions. My own family was so dysfunctional as I grew up that things were in constant flux. And we moved far away from the BHE's family, so no traditions there. Now that all the parents have moved up here, we are having more get togethers. Nothing like your clan though. You are truly blessed, Keetha!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love, love, love the pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time.