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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Old Badger State


Come along with me on a picture tour of my little corner of America's Dairyland.

No tour of Wisconsin would be complete without the quintessential classic old red barn with traditional silo.

The family farmhouse can be seen beyond and the "new" sheds behind the barn.

Across the highway is a farm with "new" barn and silos - - - probably at least 40 years old, which really is "new" by comparison to the red barn with its silo.

Snow covered pond

Frozen footbridge

Towering pines

I can't get enough of the irregular pine profiles against the sky.



Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Great pics sweetie. Pond??? What pond???? Heeehehehe!

We only think we have a blizzard down here on the Ponderosa.

I too cannot get enough of your beautiful pines!

God bless ya and enjoy your weekend sweetie!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is all so beautiful. I just love barns. Thank you for sharing.

Terra said...

Oh you know I grew up in your great state so these photos are balm to my soul. Red barn and snow are perfection, so thank you.

Janet, said...

It looks very cold! I love old barns, silos and farmhouses. It kinda looks like here in Jackson County, where I live

Martin LaBar said...

Well done! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Such a treat for me to see your beautiful world.

ain't for city gals said...

Thanks for sharing Keetha..I have never been to that part of the country...I can't even imagine it...all the water and towering pines...hope to get there one day..

j said...

Gosh Keetha, it looks like a Christmas card. I appreciate the tour - I would like to visit during the summer when it is so miserable down here but maybe not when the snow on the ground (how would I function in that snow???).

Unknown said...

Keetha.... SOMETIMES.... I miss the weather. But only in pictures...:)

It is very pretty! Love the old red barn!


Anonymous said...

If you ever go to golden colorado ( think thats the town) you can go on a tour of the celestial seasonings factory, its fun.

Lady Jane said...

Nice pics as usual. Just popping in to wish you and fisherhubby a Happy Valentines Day!!!

Ann in the UP said...

It is nice to see our winter scenery get such nice treatment, and kind comments. Our county looks a lot like yours. You may have prettier barns though.

I'm thinking I'll have to take a barn tour. They are disappearing in favor of metal pole barns.

SueWis said...

Beautiful photos! Even with all the snow we've had this year, I still love it. You have a lot more pines than we do. We're down by the Illinois border.

Thanks for visiting my blog!