Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

All I know is that after 7 plus years of blogging and a different lappy, which I don’t like, I seem to have lost my blogging fervor.

Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bathing Beauty


Somebody enjoyed a bubbly soak in the hotel jacuzzi this weekend and it WASN'T me.

(All of you who feel sorry for him when I post these pictures, who say what a good sport he is, etc etc etc - - - don't worry, it is his DAILY goal to catch me in one of my gullible faux pas, so he HAS to take this kind of treatment from me since he hands out far more than he receives. And that's the TRUTH. No - - - I do NOT ask permission.)



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am dying with laughter! He looks so happy in his bubbles! Oh you are asking for it now Keetha, he will be posting photos of you for sure!

Lady Jane said...

ROFL.... Love your dads shorts also... Nice family pics.

Theresa said...

Ahh love the bubbly:) around the hubbly:) Enjoyed the picture! HUGS!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Oh I love it! Love it that you don't ask permission!! My husband takes baths in hotels, too - when we have a rather large jet tub here at our house.

j said...

L! O! Bloomin' L! Oh Keetha, this was the funniest post that I've read all day! Don't ask permission, ask for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Well he is a very nice Man! I met him you know!
And he is a good sport and that looks so relaxing!
Hugs friend,

Martin LaBar said...

I thought this was a G-rated blog. . .

Cortney said...

Hahahaha! never ask permission either, I just post and pray that he doesn't read my blog sometimes.

Erin said...

A little warning next time...for your readers, not for Fisher Hubby. ;)

Keetha said...

He looks comfy!

Cheryl said...

A hot bath cures many ills!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so cute! Looks like he really liked it. My husband would never let me take his picture.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...