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Thursday, January 13, 2011

What'cha Doin' Now????


My Cousin Doug back in Marion will appreciate all the significance of that question!

When one moves to the land of true winter where snow covers the ground from November until - - -

Oh, until at LEAST March and more likely into April, one has to find new things to do.

People in these climes do NOT sit indoors by the fire all day long. You just wouldn't believe the plethora of outdoor winter activities that abound.

Well, we have decided to avail ourselves of one such outdoor activity. But I shan't be telling you yet what it is - - - you're gonna have to do a little guessing first!

This activity requires some special equipment - - - like these boots! So, this is your first clue. What activity MATCHES up with these boots?

Here's a better look at the side/bottom of the boot.

I know at least ONE of my bloggy friends is already quite adept at this particular winter activity - - - so JAN, please don't give it away too quickly.

Sister Pam already KNOWS, since Fisherhubby opened his BIG MOUTH and told her - - - so she's going to be a real nice little sister and NOT TELL yet either!

But the rest of you - - - guess away!



Nancy said...

Well, my dear, you are a braver soul than I. This soul would be bundled up by the fireplace making plans to travel to a warmer climate. It looks as though you are going to head cross country on two little smooth sticks attached to those fine boots. Enjoy!

Deven said...

I'd say XC skiing, which I tried for the first time when my family lived in WI. Loved it!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh my, I think my guess is cross county walking/skiing also.

Unknown said...

either cross country skiing or ice fishing.... :)

Unknown said...

Honey! I'm from Phoenix! I haven't a clue! :)

My hubby's has more colorful comments about "those" pillows! LOL :)


Keri said...

You didn't say I couldn't guess! So does that mean I get to guess???

(Have you SEEN the last thing YOU SAID in your cbox???)

Kristin - The Goat said...

I was going to say Ice Fishing, but that just didn't sound right. Then I read Keri's comment and saw in your chatterbox that you are going xcskiing.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are cross country boots and it is a wonderful sport. My cousin in Wisconsin does it all the time.
I took lessons on a golf course in the Winter in Eagle River, WI. That was a very long time ago. Have fun and be careful.

Anonymous said...

Making stylish snow angels with cool booypt markings

Lynn said...

Looks brutal whatever it is!

Anonymous said...

Of course I know it...I have 2 pair of these.
Now, where was I when you posted this? Could it be out in the white stuff?


Beth said...

I agree, those of us who live in a cold climate should not just hunker down in front of the tv (or fireplace) for months at a time. Enjoy your skiing, Keetha! Hope you are enjoying your new home.
Blessings, Beth