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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mildred, Martha, and Kitty


Meet Mildred and all her children. There are a couple of step-children cream and sugar sets on the front row - - - try to look past them to see Mildred in all her glory.

Mildred was a china pattern which could be purchased through Kresge's, back in the day before it became K-Mart. She is a rather heavy pottery style china, not translucent in the least. My Aunt Martha, who worked at Kresge's in those days, purchased an entire set of Mildred to be her first set of china.

Years later, when she realized I loved such things, she passed the set on to me.

Mildred's dinner and luncheon plates have a floral design right in the middle of the plate. The other pieces do not.

A few days ago I saw a plate over at Susan's place, Ash Tree Cottage, which had a very similar pattern to Mildred, and had this same little floral design at the center of the plate. I was struck by their similarities, though they don't seem to have been made by the same company.

The markings on the back of Mildred look like this, and not being a china expert I have no clue what they stand for.

Later Addendum: Google is a wonderful thing! This marking is for the Mount Clemens Pottery Company. And, if the prices on the individual pieces I found are any indicator - - - I have quite a TREASURE in my Mildred set! Well, I already knew it was a treasure - - - but didn't realize it had such materialistic value.

Before we leave Mildred and her children at peace in the china hutch, I do want to tell a little tale that has to do with the platters. As you can see, there are two sizes of platters. When I received the original set of Mildred from Aunt Martha, she only gave me the larger platter.

Over the years, two of my aunts who knew their sister passed her china on to me have found various pieces of Mildred in antique shops and sundry places and have given them to me.

I remember once, five or six years ago now, my Aunt Kitty told me she had found two small Mildred platters for me, but she forgot to bring them on that particular trip. I promptly forgot all about them.

Time intervened, Aunt Kitty became very ill with cancer, and passed away at age 68, far ahead of when we were ready to let her go.

Nearly two years after her death my cousin Jeanny, Aunt Kitty's daughter, came up to me at a reunion with two little Mildred platters in her hands.

"Keetha, do these look familiar to you?" she asked.

"Why yes," said I, "They are Mildred platters, I have a whole set of that which Aunt Martha gave me."

"Well," said she, "We found these little platters and no more pieces like them, in mom's things. We were puzzled - - - why would mom buy just two little platters like this and nothing else to match them when they don't even match anything else she had? Then dad said he thought maybe she had bought them for you. So here," and with that she thrust the two platters into MY hands, "These are yours, from mom."

My eyes filled with tears then, and they are doing so again now. A little love coming straight to me from my Aunt Kitty even after she left this Earth.

In my recent move, I was grieved to find that ONE of my small Mildred platters got shattered. But this one I will keep - - - and I'm not removing the price label either. I'm keeping it as a reminder of Aunt Kitty's love and how she freely gave of it to us all.



Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet story! I love the platter from Aunt Kitty and all of the other's from Aunt Martha!

I don't know much about the markings! There is a China replacement website where you might be able to research what your markings mean!

Have a blessed day with your gorgeous china and the memories of how you got them! HUGS!

Ann in the UP said...

It is sweet that your cousin is carrying on the family generosity trait, too. What a neat thing!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What wonderful memories to go with a beautiful set of China.

Tonja said...

This is such a great family story! I love the china. It is dainty and delicate looking, old fashioned...but in a good way. From a lovlier, simpler time. (I did not just diss your china)..And, to get those little platters after the original gifter has gone on to Glory...that's just an added blessing! Love it all!

Tonja said...

It's me...AGAIN! Something I have started doing as I get older (and better, I might add) is to write info about my things that have a history or a story. I then add it to the box or tape to the back of a plate, or attach it somewhere. I know there is no one in my family who would remember these things if I don't. Just an idea!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is very pretty China. How wonderful that you have been given sets over the years and how special the ones from Aunt Kitty are. So sorry that one of your platters broke in your move.

Susan Freeman said...

I can see what you mean ~ the flowers are so similar that they could very well be from the same designer. Your set has more flare though with those lovely scalloped edges and more detail. You are so lucky to have the whole set. I think it's such a pretty pattern!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

beautiful china and a sweet story to brighten my day!!

Angie said...

You broke a plate? AAAGH! I love old=fashioned pattern sets and yours is ever so pretty.

I have several sets of crystal glassware and, though I do use it, it only ever gets broken if my mum gets her hands on it. Well I can hardly give her a common old glass while everyone else is using posh ones can I?

Anonymous said...

I saw your post on Theresa's sidebar. My name is Mildred and I live fairly near Theresa. Many years ago, my husband bought some Mildred dishes for me for Christmas because they share my name. Over the years, I have bought many pieces thru and have even found some in thrift stores. My husband grew up in MI and was familiar with the Mt. Clemens Pottery co. who made the dishes (starting @ 1939) I am 53 and was named for my dad's sister who died at age 19 (in 1939) from pneumonia before penicillin. Your set is so special with all the lovely people who come to mind when you use these. I am so happy that the title of your blog post caught my eye. I have a photo of Aunt Mildred when she was 10 on my blog currently. Have a great day and I enjoyed your story and all the great photos today.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I have another blog friend in Iowa, Larry, who bought a set of Mildred china when he was first out of college. He is @ 60 now and still values his china too!

Holly said...

Very sweet. I wonder if passing down prized items like dishes will one day be a forgotten thing of the past.

Keri said...

This made me get misty-eyed, too. Sooo sweet.

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

These are True Treasures BUT when you add this incredible story, it's a "Hallmark Moment"!!! Love those dishes.
Thank you so much for sharing your priceless memories with us!
Hugs to you,

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Ohhhh, Mildred. Wanna come hang out with me?


SueWis said...

I'm stalking back through your blog!

My grandparents had this pattern. I bought a single bowl at a thrift store and love having that memory. Don't have room for the whole set. :)

Unknown said...

I was searching Kresge China dishes on Google and your blog came up. I too collect the same patterned Kresge china dishes that you do...and for similar reasons - my great grandmother had a set of them. I did not have any passed down to me through the family, but have found them from time to time at garage/yard sales. I bought a box of several of them one time for $2.00! I lived in Michigan for most of my life, moved to Georgia in 2006. I thought it was so interesting to read your story of how you began looking for these same dishes. I hope we are both able to find many more pieces (at bargain prices) to complete the journeys of our sets. Blessings to you:)

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a wonderful post! The dishes are beautiful and I am always attracted to pretty patterns like these.
And I love when there is a great story attached to treasures and you have quite a treasure here!