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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stoppin' In Eau Claire


That's pronounced "oh-clare" - - - French for "clear water" don'tcha know!

When I said in yesterday's post that we were off on a destination unknown, I MEANT it was unknown to YOU, my beloved bloggy friends! Fisherhubby and I knew EXACTLY where we were going and we knew right where we were when we got there.

Well, at least I knew exactly where we were without the aid of any technical gizmos - - - sometimes Fisherhubby needs the assistance of GPS and "Penny Dreadful" to know exactly where HE is - - - but that's another tale.

Who knew that in this state, one cannot get their license plates at just ANY old BMV???? So, our FIRST port of call in this fair city of Eau Claire was the BMV to get our new plates. Several minutes later and quite a few dollars shorter we were in possession of the coveted "tags" (as my southern friends call them) and just as soon as Fisherhubby is in possession of a screw driver they shall be installed.

No - - - not the southern friends installed, the LICENSE PLATES shall be installed. Whew, let's be perfectly clear about THAT!

Next we checked into the Grandstay. We LOVE staying in this place because - - -

It is simply a grand stay in every way. At least THIS Grandstay in Eau Claire is grand. (We stayed in another which was less than grand - - - but that would be another story for another post.)

Not only are the accomodations here very, very accommodating - - -

But the "people of the place" are just wonderful too. This is Benjamin who checked us in to our room with a smile and utmost efficiency.

Next we drove down to the neighboring small village of Osseo to meet some bloggy buddies for supper.

Dan and Cindy of Applestone Cottage!! Cindy and I met live and in person last June and I must confess we were giddy as school girls to get back together again.

OK - - - I was giddy as a school girl. Cindy was as responsible and charming as you might well imagine she would be.

We dined on delicious Norwegian fare - - - mine was a Denver lefse wrap smothered in EXTRA hollandaise sauce - - -

Fisherhubby enjoyed a hot open faced roast beef AND pork on homemade bread with real mashed potatoes and rich gravy over all.

If you look closely at our placemats, you will see lots and lots of words on each edge. Those are the choices of PIE for dessert.

I shall leave you to GUESS if we had pie, and if we did which of us indulged in those sinfully delicious dessert pastries!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together - - - alas I fear the waitresses were MORE than ready for us to depart as we occupied their booth for far longer than the usual alloted meal time! (Well, there was no rush of patrons needing our table, so we felt guilty not in the least!)

Today we, Fisherhubby and I, shall avail ourselves of some shopping opportunities not to be had at home, namely Gander Mountain and Best Buy. Then it's back in the car headed for our next destination.




Theresa said...

What a wonderful trip to that GRAND place! Looks like loads of fun meeting up with your bloggy friend! I know you ladies had lots to talk about! Food looks delicious and the dessert menu looked like it had too many choices:) Enjoy the next stop on your trip, drive safely! HUGS!

ain't for city gals said...

Nothing like a road trip I always say!...I think you all split a piece of pie??...have fun

Jojo said...

I had no idea of the identifying differences between the south and other parts of the country in calling a car tag, a car tag!!!! We've got plenty of these down here - buggy (shopping cart) or coke (all soda pops). Tag...that one's new to me!!

Oh what fun to meet up with another blogger!!! That is the coolest.

I'm trying to make a pie blog party (haven't figured out the technology yet) but I was totally taken with the pie menu too!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Yeeeehawww! Looks like you, Cindy and the hubbies had a great time! Loved getting to see the photos of all of you guys!!! Mmmm...your dinner looked scrumptious too! Soooo glad to hear that ya'll are having fun, my friend!!!

Love ya,

nancygrayce said...

I hope you had pie, you are on vacation! Yes, we call them tags. I must confess, I'm southern to the core.

grammy said...

Betcha you are gonna visit Cheney???? Right or wrong???

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Glad you got your 'tags'. Yes I've been living in the South a very long time. Have fun on your next part of the adventure.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Boy oh boy are you quick Keetha!
How did you get this up so quickly, you little speedy gonzalas you!
Dan and I had a great time!
We need to do it again very soon!
You two are so much fun, and I am still laughing about the hospital names!!!
Hilarious, and you tell a story so well too!
I will e-mail you the great pic I have of you and the hubby!
I don't know if I will have time to do a post today, since I need to get things organized to go!

j said...

Hey Keetha! I went over to meet Cindy. Lovely blog - lovely blogger!

Glad you are having a wonderful weekend.


Vickie said...

Looks like you are having some fun! The hotel looks great and your food looked yummy. I wasn't surprised about your extra hollandaise sauce. Always great to see your smiling face on your blog. It looks like you are quite happy in your old stomping grounds of Wisconsin. I'm pretty sure I know what you'll be doing today around 5:00.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad you got to meet with a blog friend, looks like you had a great time. Those plates looked like they had large portions on them but I think I would have had some pie for dessert! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Unknown said...

So glad you told me how to pronounce--I know nothing of French pronunciation and am the queen of saying how I think it should be. My philosophy is that if you say it with conviction, people tend to believe you! Pie sounds delightful!

Kristin - The Goat said...

What does BMV stand for? I know DMV is Dept of Motor Vehicles - so B could stand for Bureau? or as spell check wanted me to change it to Burro :)

I have both tags and plates on my car. The plates I get are the big metal things with a pretty picture of a turtle on it and says Florida, the Sunshine State. The tags I get each new each year and they are 1 inch square stickers that go on my plates. I'd never heard of the license plate called the tag before. Or maybe I just haven't been paying attention lol

Looks like you're having a bunch of fun!!

Kristin - The Goat

Erin said...

Funny thing happened yesterday. I read this post in the morning about Eau Claire, then went on about my day. At the grocery store, I bought a jar of horseradish - yum! Once home I turned it over to see where it came from. Eau Claire, WI!!!! What a small small world!

Angie said...

I don't THINK you had pie - I KNOW you did. I would have, and not something involving fruit. No, much too sensible. Chocolate, cream nuts, caramel and light light pastry. Now, what does that spell?

Nancy said...

OK, I am also in the dark about "BMV" -- have you added your touch to the name for some reason? Did you get personalized plates and thus the reason for Eau Claire? Sorry about the Colts loss -- I was cheering for them right along with you. I have two favorite teams that won this weekend. Will you join FH and sport the green and gold next weekend?