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Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting "Carded"


We lived in Indiana for 27 years. That was so long I can't remember if we had any difficulty establishing residency there or not.

I can tell you it was QUITE an ordeal to officially become residents here.

The FIRST step was to get our driver's licenses.

To get our driver's license we had to have proof of identity (birth certificate, passport, photo ID like our driver's license from Indiana.) But that wasn't enough. We had to have a bill or bank statement that showed our name, Wisconsin address, AND at least a month's worth of activity.

When our first bill FINALLY came, it showed 51 days of activity, but that meant we'd had to WAIT that long to get our licenses.

Finally we had everything we needed, returned to the DMV where we were issued a xerox paper copy of what WOULD be on our driver's licenses WHEN they were sent to us from the state.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? We couldn't get the plastic card that day - - - we had to "live" with a xerox paper for a week.

Someone threatened to draw a moustache on mine.

As you can see, our REAL licenses finally did come. Yes, I've blotted out my vital statistics including my weight.

I love to read. I check books out of the library ALL THE TIME.

Well - - - you guessed it - - - couldn't get my library card until I had my driver's license.

Couldn't get my driver's license until I had a bill showing my name, address, and one month of activity.

Took 51 days to get that bill and another week to get the driver's license in the mail.

I FINALLY got my library card TODAY!!!! Wooot!!!

I checked out 2 books!

We needed to get our license plates too.

Had to have our driver's licenses, bill showing our names, address, and one month activity, PROOF of Wisconsin insurance AND lots 'o $$$$$$$.

Furthermore - - - we couldn't get the "tag" at the same place where we got our drivers licenses. We had to GO TO ANOTHER TOWN.

I know the plate looks dirty already - - - yours would too if you were driving over snow and salt covered roads.

You should see my car!

Well - - - at least we are all "carded" now and legal residents. Fisherhubby can get an instate fishing license, which really was the "driving" factor to get all this done - - - that and my library card.

Also, we had it MUCH easier than our friends Betsy and Gerson who moved to Texas. They couldn't even FIND their DMV, it had moved leaving a note on the door. When they DID find it they had to have all of the above items PLUS have their car inspected!!!!

Riding public transportation is looking more and more appealing.




lilmomma said...

Hahaha Oh my word, quite an ordeal! When I went to get my new ID last year they flagged it, convinced that I was stealing poor Anna Woodard's identity. Well, of course 14 year old me looks different! It's been 7 years! I suppose it reminds us that no one is perfect...even goverment workers. :)

Theresa said...

Oh Keetha, you really had to jump thru a bunch of hoops so you could get in the library:) I have always lived in Georgia so haven't had to learn the new rules! You have it ALL now and can do it all!

Now for the dirty tag:) You know we had that week of snow and ice here. I went to get my oil changed and they were have a special, a car wash for $2.98... YEP! He said would you like a car wash for $2.98 and I said, "Just take a look at my car"! Can you say BARGAIN?

Have a fun Saturday my friend! HUGS!

Jojo said...

And so you've been an unofficial Wisconsin Badger all this time? That's not right!

ann said...

BTW, you can't get your real license in Indiana on the same day, either. They mailed ours to us. I wrote a big post about it way back when we moved here.

I still think the worst experience ever is when we lived in St. Louis. I had to got to three different offices.

Also, this is the reason I advocate opening a bank account before you move somewhere. Just do like a Bank of America thing or something nationwide that will transfer.

But, seriously, congrats on finally getting everything in order and dealing with all of that wonderful bureaucracy!

Angie said...

They put your WEIGHT on your driving licence??? What if you were a large lady and got skinny - do you have to apply all over again? Or if you're a man and you grow a beard? Fortunately for us one driving licence will do wherever we are in UK. Also the licence plate stays with the car, even when you sell it on. HOWEVER if you want a library card you just prove who you are and that you pay local Council Tax and Bob's your uncle! What if you can't drive a car?

Gerson & Betsy said...

LOL, Keetha! I agree with your public transportation comment. :)

nancygrayce said...

It's becoming harder and harder to get any documents anymore.

They can put my weight on mine if they like, I never tell them the real weight! They do look at me kind of funny.....

Lori E said...

Your photo turned out great. Usually they look like prison mug shots.
What a production.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so much to go through. My father was just telling me that he had to have 2 bills, S.S. card, voted registration card plus a bunch of other things and that was just for his renewal. They don't ask for all those things here in California. I wonder why? How many illegals would be able to get their licenses? I'm just sayin'...

Pam said...

You took a fantastic picture for a DL mug shot! I do disagree with two of your legible stats: 1)Your hair is not primarily brown; it doesn't matter if the roots are - it's blond that people see when looking at that pic; 2) You must be taller than 5'3" because my heighth was measured in July for my FL license and that's what I am. FL doesn't make a public announcement of weight since it can fluctuate so much. Yours certainly will be going down what with all of your shoveling & xcountry skiing!

Pam said...

PS: At least FL and WI still allow a person to smile when getting their DL pic taken. It's a no no in IN.

Lady Jane said...

We know you are truly legal, lol... Great mug shot!!!!!

42N said...

In Iowa the DMV takes your DL photo WITHOUT glasses on, issues the paper license and then sends the plastic in a few weeks. Also, presently no ID is required to vote but hopefully that will get turned around again since we have a new governor and state house.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Are you staying warm over there Miss Keetha?
They sure did make you and hubby do a lot just to live in the Badger state!
Hugs Friend and Go Packers!
My hubby is on pins and needles!

Ann in the UP said...

Well, I'll say one thing for Wisconwin. They are consistant! Recalling fracas about my daughter and reinstating her professional license---and they put all new residents through that much of an ordeal before you can register your car and get a state driver's license! And you just went through getting the enhanced license in Indiana! Rats!

Anonymous said...

Not to offend anyone but it might have been easier to pretend you aee there illegaly, might have got the srff sooner

Nancy said...

Interesting procedure for becoming residents. Arizona requires a person get a DL and cars registered within 30 days of moving (and our county required inspections). Also, the AZ DL expires when the person turns 65 -- even if it was issued at age 21. We are going to finally change residency to WA. I don't know yet what the procedure will be, but our car has had WA plates for 3 1/2 years & that was no big deal. When we moved to TX, I thought it was very difficult to establish anything -- utilities, cars, DL, etc. Congrats on returning to the homeland, and your picture is good.

Erin said...

I think changing your whole identity might have been easier!

Tonja said...

When I got my original license at 16, I weighed 97 pounds! I just loved the thought that I once weighed that officilly, that I have never changed it. When they asked if anything had changed, I would just say no. But, last year, when I said no,,,the woman looked at me and said, "not even the weight?" I said "well, it's changed a little...thanks for ruining my day!" But, I still didn't tell her my real weight!

Anitra Cameron said...

Here in Oregon, licenses expire every 8 years, so I haven't had to renew since the new laws went in. But I did have to replace a lost license a while back, and got one of those paper things that aren't good for Anything, to use for What? while waiting for the real license to come in the mail. I mean, I couldn't even cash a check with that paper thing!

I'm glad you finally got your license and library card!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Let me just say that I think it's a crime you have to put your weight on your license. That's not how we roll in New Jersey. (Or, maybe that's why we DON'T list our weight in NJ...we're too rolly. :-)

Holly said...

Now you're all legal and stuff. :) I wonder why a driver license is required for a library card? What if you want to just ride your bike to the library? :)

Martin LaBar said...

Smart people will do most anything to get a library card.

All I had to do in California was to show that I had had mail sent to an address in that county.

Kristin - The Goat said...

In Florida I got my license the same day. The worst part about getting a FL license for me, was getting a new DL number. I had the MI DL number all of my life at that point and I had the darned number memorized.

So glad you are now official, paid up and legal :)

ann said...

Also, in Indiana now you can smile, but you cannot show your teeth. Honestly, sometimes I get really, really fed up with these types of regulations.

Julie said...

Keetha-You need a kindle!!! I got one for Christmas and LOVE it! Glad you finally got your license!