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Saturday, December 18, 2010

There Will Be No Curtains But We've Got Sewing Notions


OK my goofy blogging public. You are coming in loud and clear - - - you want curtains or paint over my concrete walls down in ye olde FBC.

Well, it ain't a gonna happen, so you might just as well hold your breath and your fingertips when they are tempted to TYPE something to me about curtains in my cave.

There are several reasons for the NO CURTAIN, NO PAINT rule - - - not the LEAST of which is we are RENTING this home. It is NOT my concrete to adulterate with paint. And about the curtain part - - - just how do you propose I HANG curtains on bare concrete?????? Nope, I CANNOT drill holes - - - it isn't my concrete.

And the lesser reason is it is a CAVE. If I paint or bedeck it with curtains it will cease to be a CAVE and become a run of the mill family room. Unless of course I should bedeck the walls with hieroglyphics, Native American emblems, or Aboriginal markings. Again, we are back to reason one, it is NOT my concrete with which to tamper.

Besides, I rather like my bare nekked concrete walls.

I'm just risque in that way. I like nekked concrete for an FBC - - - what can I say??

Now - - - not ANOTHER word about concrete, nekked or otherwise, for we are moving on to the IMPORTANT part of this post.

Meet my new Wisconsinite friend, Stephanie. She is the wife of Shawn. Shawn was once upon a time a wee little baby for whom I used to babysit, but is now all grown up into a husband, dad, and policeman.

Stephanie won my friendship heart upon our first meeting.

Last night we had our first "girls night out." Oh man did we EVER live high on the hog - - -

We went to Ace Hardware.

We went to the Mall. (There is a mall in this town - - - it's no bigger than the one that was in Marion, but it is a mall nonetheless.)

We went out to eat.

AND we went to an adorable antique/junk shop.

While there, I spied this basket FULL of old sewing notions.

IMMEDIATELY it made me think of you, all my bloggy friends who go wild and crazy over anything with the words "old" or "sewing" or "notions" in their title. So I whipped out my camera to capture the moment JUST FOR YOU!

Button, button, WE'VE got the buttons!

Well - - - maybe not "we", but the antique shop certainly has them! I will confess, I AM considering going back and buying some to display in a glass jar - - - to remind me of my mother's button box of years gone by.

Look at all of these still on their cards. Some of them are soooo pretty.

The nice lady that owned the antique shop volunteered to take our picture together.

We had such a great time, and discussed so many other places we'd like to go and things we'd like to do, we decided this was going to be our FIRST of MANY girls nights out.

Now, before I go - - - this one little bit of humor for you.

Fisherhubby received a call yesterday about consolidating several hospital bills into one, something I had requested the hospital to do. The NAME of the billing department girl who called????


I kid you NOT, she really was PEGGY!!!!



Martin LaBar said...

Ready: old sewing notions!

That should excite the masses even more!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad you had a nice time with your new friend.

Theresa said...

OK, Ms Priss... not more talking about that wall:) On to the rest of your post! I am happy you made a friend and that you shopped for notions! I have some of those button cards, I love them. I can't believe you actually got to talk to PEGGY, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA soooooo funny:)

I was talking about you this morning! My husband was about to look thru the listings for today's football games. I said "wait a minute, Keetha will help us"! So I go to your listing and read them off, he laughed and said "A blog friend"? Love it! Have a blessed and fun day! HUGS!

Lynn said...

Haa-loo? My name eez Peggy...

From the Kitchen said...

You girls know how to live it up. Ace Hardware!! I'd like to get my hands on those buttons. I once spent an entire afternoon going through buttons at my favorite antique store on the square. I was there so long, the owner fed me lunch.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas in your paintless, curtainless cave.


grammy said...

Was so glad to know your other blog friends check out your handy FB schedule. I needed to see if traffic might be heavy in ATL on Sun. so went to Keetha's blog to see if any games in Atlanta Sun....nope...we're clear for traffic,other than Holiday traffic.

Doris Sturm said...

I could use such a shopping adventure because I'm looking for buttons - a big assortment of all sorts of buttons to embellish my crochet work with...

Nice photo of you two ladies!

Keep warm!

LV said...

Keetha you have no worries when it comes to friends. I doubt there are not many who would not enjoy you as a friend. Your new friend is very pretty. You two make a nice picture together. Sounds like you had a fun and good shopping outing together.

Vickie said...

I must admit when I saw pictures of your cave, I wondered about the walls too. But since you aren't bothered by it I say that's another reason you leave them bare and naked. You've made it look very cozy.

Ann in the UP said...

Those life-size football guy cut outs we talked about? They won't adhere to concrete, will they?

Oh, FB got to talk to Peggy! We got two called this week from two people whose first language isn't English, who want to outfit me with diabetic supplies. What happened to the Do Not Call list?

I was very firm with them, and hopefully, they recognize annoyed rejection.