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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Tale of Two Houses


I am sure someone built this house to be a family home. I do not know who they were nor what joys and sorrows they experienced while living here. I don't know how many children's voices echoed in these halls.

I do know that by the time I was a teenager living in this town, this house contained the public library.

This Old Library.

My sister and I figured out quickly that our mother valued reading. She valued it so much that if we were hidden behind a book, devouring the words from the page, she wouldn't disrupt us to call us to our chores.

No dummies we, we walked countless times to This Old Library to check out armloads of books.

The "young readers" section of This Old Library was on the second floor. In at least one window facing toward the back of the house, there was a window seat. I LOVED to check out my books and settle into that window seat to read until it was time to walk home.

Now a "new" library has been built. I say "new" because it is already at least 40 years old - - - but it was built to be the "new" library when I was in high school. It is a fine, sprawling, modern library. I'm sure it has more room for books and meeting rooms and theaters than did This Old Library, but it does not contain the charm, the character, nor the history that This Old Library had to offer. I do not feel any love for it.

There's a sign in front of This Old Library that says "Historical Museum." One day, I shall go visit that Historical Museum with my camera in my hand! When I do, rest assured I shall share that visit with you.

I don't know the tale of This Old House.

Look at it! It is grand. It's like a manor house in central Wisconsin! It MUST harbor stories and memories galore. Can you just imagine it bedecked for Christmas????

It had to be in this town when I was growing up here. It obviously has more years on it than do I. It's located along a major route that I took MANY times back in those days, and yet - - - I have no memory of it.

I've asked a few people about This Old House. The answers I've gotten have been fuzzy at best. But like a blood hound, I shall put my nose to the ground and ferret out the tale - - - for tale there MUST be. And when I find it, I shall share it with you!



Theresa said...

Beautiful homes as homes and libraries! Love old homes like these and I would love to look thru all of the rooms!

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Unknown said...

I love those homes! And that one as a library! I wonder if the town just outgrew it. That is the only possible explanation for abandoning such a picturesque spot!

Angie said...

Well that old house you have no memory of looks like it might havr had bits added on (to the left) so maybe Little Keetha saw a different view. Was it so familiar you didn't take any notice of it maybe?

Misti said...

The old library looks like it has been nicely kept up - just needs the front steps shoveled - and I know someone who loves shoveling! hehe

I don't remember the other house either. Where is it located?

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

You KNOW I love these stories. I love to know the history...and if we dont we can imagine. And I LOVE you Keetha! I am so very blessed to call you a friend through blogging!!! I am so grateful for that. Thank you Merry Christmas!!!

nancygrayce said...

They are certainly both gorgeous houses! Especially with all the snow.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Isn't it interesting when you can find no memory for a place? There are places in my home town that I'm just sure couldn't possibly have been there because I never "saw" it. Your information will come in due time :) I'm excited to hear about.

Can't wait to see the museum with you one day - I know what you mean about the new library.

Billy the goat

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the story of the house that was your library. It must have been charming to go inside. That second house is gorgeous and I can't wait to hear what you dig up.
Merry Christmas to my dear friend.

Vickie said...

I wonder if HGTV has ever come to town to film these. Its definite show worthy!!

Nancy said...

I also remember going to the TB Scott Library as a child & loved the stairway that lead to the upper level. I can still sense the steps & huge banister. (it seemed huge back then) By now you probably know the other house was Stanton Mead's mansion. Back when Pam & I were HS seniors, we sold tickets door to door in order to add a Saturday night to the operetta schedule. I don't remember if Pam was with me, but a few of us went to this house to sell tickets. We went to the back door thinking the front door was too intimidating. Northland Cranberries once housed the corporate headquarters in this gorgeous home. My niece worked for them back then. You likely don't remember it "back in the day" because of shrubs & trees blocking a full view. By now this may be old news for you. One of my brothers still lives in WR and is practically a walking history book in case you have any questions.