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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hardy Stock


Yesterday, after eating a delicious Christmas dinner with our friends, Fisherhubby and I set out through the snow to see what we could see.

It was so pretty. The snow was falling and some of the roads over which we traveled hadn't been completely cleared yet.

I really wanted to show Fisherhubby a sight which I spied in the dark while returning from a Christmas Eve service. FH had to work on Christmas Eve, so he hadn't seen it yet.

It's the ice fishing village which has sprouted up on Lake Nepco. (Please click the picture for a much better view.)

Looks like a gold rush shanty town in the middle of the lake, which will remain until just before the spring thaw.

There were lots of souls from hardy stock out there yesterday. We watched this duo pulling a sled filled with their fishing gear - - -

Out onto the ice and to their own fishing hole - - - which when one is ice fishing literally IS a hole.

Some fishermen didn't even have a shanty, but were perched on buckets leaning right over their fishin' hole.

We drove on down to Devil's Elbow to see if a fishing village had also sprung up there. Only found two shanties, and no activity.

Other hardy souls were strapping on their cross country skis. Cross country skiing is a LOT of work. I was content just to WATCH them from the warmth of my car!

I should have gotten pictures of some of the ice skaters on the city rink, but didn't think of it until just now so you'll have to imagine them on your own.

Snowmobiling also abounds 'round here. We only saw their tracks yesterday.

So while parts of the world hunker down in front of a warm fire when it snows, the hardy folk who live here have lots of options for getting out in it and enjoying everything Old Man Winter has to offer!



kyooty said...

We've had a Green Christmas this year. We are expecting some snow tonight and tomorrow but we'll see how it goes. Merry Christmas :)

Theresa said...

We got a tiny bit of snow yesterday! It was so pretty! Nothing like you all have but a lot for us AND on Christmas Day! Have a blessed day dear Keetha! Hope you are staying nice and warm! HUGS!

42N said...

What a great fishing present to the world. Thank you.

Tonja said...

I've only seen this ice fishing on TV...and now on computer, too! Looks like fun...except for the frozen ice part. I can only imagine that the air around the ice fishing would be icy, too. So, I'd have to pass on discovering this great sport. I actually prefer to see the fish I consume in the market dressed and ready to cook! :)

Martin LaBar said...


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like you had a nice day.
I love all the winter activites going on. Years ago we stayed in Eagle River and took cross country ski lessons. It was fun! The snow is so pretty and it makes it feel like Christmas for sure!

Doris Sturm said...

Good for them! I would too! Love the snow - brrrr - and it's so great to go inside for a hot chocolate afterwards!

Vickie said...

So will fisherhubby be out on the ice soon as well? Looks super cold up there Keetha.

Mimi said...

THose fishing on ICE remind me of that movie grumpy old men, which I love!!!
I would be toooo scared to venture out there, what if I fell through!!
How do they know when it is safe????
Only the Wi natives know I guess!!!
Stay warm, beautiful drive for sure!!
thanks for stopping by!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Keetha! Loved those ice fishing looks like you're enjoying your new location! We were slammed with a blizzard last year at glad that didn't happen this time! I am sorry for the east coast friends having to deal with it, however!

Your wreath on your Christmas Day picture is greeting card perfect!!! How lovely.

Hope you enjoy this was great seeing your comment! Dana

Mimi said...

That is COLD weather!!!I do not think my dry summer desert bones could take that cold weather!!!
Now that you say how cold, it reminds me of another cold snow funny--but sad movie
You are a brave girl to live in that cold weather, but then p[eople say to us, how do you stand hot temps like 117 which is common in the summertime around here!!
we just do it!!!!
Thanks for writing back, but I would still be afraid to venture out on that ice!!!!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

I have nothing but WOW~!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing! Loved this post!