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Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What We Have Here is a Falure to Communicate!


What do you think? Is this a juniper? It's obviously a gymnosperm and a conifer. The cones are adapted into a berry-like structure. I'm not "up" on my junipers, but I'm thinking this may well be one.

What say you?

What about the view???? Can you tell this little conifer is growing high up on the side of a bluff with a vast drop-off below?

AND furthermore, as long as you are here - - - don't miss my previous post.

It's a long story - - - and more details involved than would be interesting - - - but suffice it to say I somehow managed to POST it when I only meant to save it as a draft, so if it appears in your blog "follow" list or your google reader, it is WAY down with all the blogs you already read.

Again - - - you KNOW who you're dealing with over here, right???

Thanks, as always, for your visit.



Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for assuring me that I'm not the only one who does that stuff. ( The down side being, that I'll still be doing it four years from now,)

One, it looks like a juniper to me, but I'm not a horticulturalist. Those little berry things look like what I've seen on stuff I know was juniper, though.

ClassyChassy said...

Oh, knowing you through a blog is only knowing the tip of an iceberg - I can only imagine how you are in person!!! **HUGS**

nancygrayce said...

Since I wouldn't know a juniper from a ...well from anything it's really neat looking.

I'm so glad to hear someone else pushes buttons by mistake! :)

Kristin - The Goat said...

Funny thing is that I tend to hit draft instead of post, when I schedule a post, and then can't figure out why my Photo of the Day didn't show up. LOL

It's a pretty photo and you had a great view. As for what kind of animal it is - I have no idea, but it's looking a little green :)

The Goat

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL Kirby - - - it ISN'T fauna, it's FLORA!

You silly goose, you!

podso said...

Pretty hilarious!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Yap, looks like juniper to me!
I just read your previous post Keetha! And yes, Vernon county is gorgeous! I am so used to it I sometimes forget the beauty around us. The other amazing county around Western Wisconsin is Trempeaulau county. Dan was born there. The hills are just amazing and when you get down near the Mississippi and cross into Buffalo county it's awe inspiring.
There were several sightings of cougars this year in Wisconsin. One not far from us in Clark county. They feel they have been pushed out of S. Dakota and are beginning to settle here. Yikes!
I've seen bear, I don't need a cougar!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Keetha,
Just stopping by to say Hi! And to say thanks for swinging by my "place" recently.
Congrats on your 35th Anniversary. Looks like you guys had TONS of FUN!!! : )

Lori E said...

They do look like juniper berries to me. You can cook with juniper berries...don't pick those in case they aren't the right plant.
They use juniper berries to make gin I think.

kyooty said...

I thnk it's Juniper but don't they turn black? I almost bought a house once with a Juniper in the back yard, I'm glad I didn't it was very very tall!

Cass @ That Old House said...

You know how if it ain't takeout, you don't know? Well, if it ain't in a pot with a label, I don't know a juniper from a tomato plant. Except that the chipmunks here are not eating the junipers.

Wildcat country is spectacular. What a very amazing country is the U.S. of A.

And on another topic -- If I turned over all the blog photgraphing to howard, we'd be divorced in 7 months -- I'm so darned picky, and he gets tired of hearing me say "it's blurry!"

I'd be divorced, or buried under the grape arbor with my camera strap wrapped around my neck, and not a jury in the land would convict him.


Cass @ That Old House said...

Hey I forgot to ask you -- just how far apart were we when I was in Livonia, Michigan? (west of Detroit).

I wish I'd had time to travel! One of Alida's friends works in Toledo and even tho we passed right near there, we couldn't stop --just not enough time!

I had plenty of time personally -- but my girls didn't!

Maggie said...

I haven't a clue if it's a juniper or not but it's very pretty!
The views in the previous post are wonderful.Kickapoo & Pisgah are 2 great names, I wonder what their origins are?

Angie said...

Cougars,wild cats, chipmunks - you lot don't know you're born! If somebody spotted a cougar on the loose over here we would all have to stay indoors! The Beast of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall is reputed to be a cougar. Oh come on, where would just one single little cougar come from?

Angie said...

p.s. I dunno. If that's what juniper looks like, that's what it'll be. You're the one with the brains round here.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It looks juniper to me. It's a great shot, I love a tree in the view of a shot. I do that often.

Martin LaBar said...

I still don't know what it is. Sorry.