Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

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Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Had Me At "Sex in the Garden!"


When you come across a new blog, what is it that "pulls you in?" What makes you want to click on it and check it out? What makes you want to leave a comment? And what compelling "force" induces you to become a follower?

Let's face it, once we've been blogging for any length of time, we find that there are a plethora of blogs just WAITING for us to find them, just WILLING us to like them, and just WANTING us to follow them. None of us can do justice to them all, so how does one choose?

These are some bloggy things that have influenced me on this wonderful quest.

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1) The blog title.

I have seen some that made me yawn and keep going and others that reached out of the computer screen, grabbed me by the collar, shook me violently, and SCREAMED "look at me!!!" If the title fits the latter bill, I'm probably following that blog.

2) Humor

I don't care what the blog's main topic, I need some humor in my day and if I find it in your post, I'm coming back. Even the most painful experiences of life are made more tolerable with a good dose of laughter.

I realize we can't all be 100% comedians all the time - - - that isn't even realistic. But if there is never a spec of humor on your blog, I'm probably not visiting you often.

(graphic from

3) Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words.

4) Post Title

When I check my follow list each day - - - if the picture and title don't draw me in, I'm not going there.

5) Variety

I don't care how WONDERFUL someone is at decorating their home, or saving money at thrift stores, or taking photos, or cooking, or making tablescapes, or crafting, or shopping for antiques - - - if they only have ONE topic, I'm bored and I'm not going there.

Now - - - if with their main passion they work in some tid bits of their daily life, some humor, some wisdom - - - then I will be drawn in.

6) Personability

To have blogging buddies requires us to be a blogging buddy.

When you come to my blog and leave comments, I'm going to check your blog out. I hope the same is true with the vice and versa. I think a person who wants to be involved in the blogosphere MUST BE involved in the blogosphere - - - reading blogs and commenting.

7) The "IT" Factor

I don't know how to describe this one, but I certainly know IT when I see IT. A person leaves a comment on my blog, IT speaks to me in some way, so I visit their blog. When I get there, I find IT, and I want to return and return. If your blog has IT - - - I'm' not only following you, but we're probably e-mailing too and may even be working on meeting in person.

You know - - - the really cool thing is, no one blog does all these things for all of us. That's what makes blogging so wonderful - - - there's something for everyone.

And I should know - - - I've been "playing this game" for more than four years now.



shannon i olson said...

I think comments are very important, sometimes they are standard...and appreciated but I love to "talk" to people and I want them to "talk" to we are sitting across the kitchen table. It is what makes them seem like a friend, I want to know what they are doing in their life, what they think and that they are visiting not just for a duty but a chat!
Now I am guilty of the occasional dry comment myself.

Kristin - The Goat said...

You had me at Sex in the Garden LOL You and your blog have all of those things, too - so it's nice. But I have to say - you may need to work on the humor a bit more. I only laughed a few times reading this :)

Seriously though - I need more humor in my blog. I don't feel like I've been able to tap my funny bone in a few weeks. Maybe it's because I've been staying up until 3 in the morning - that might have something to do with it!

I'm so happy that you and I have made that "IT" connection.

podso said...

You also got me with your title. i seriously thought you were going to tell about a new blog discovered. And your blog is one of the most humorist (I guess that isn't a word), well, amusing or funny, that I read!

Charlotte said...

The title brought me to you today but I have always enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Your comments are exactly right about blogging. If the title doesn't grab me, I keep scrolling. The Kickapoo Joy Juice post brought back memories that I had forgotten. I remember drinking Kickapoo Joy Juice years ago. It was the forerunner of Mt.Dew.

Theresa said...

Lots of goodie in this post! I love visiting around and I admit there are some that just draw me to their blog by the title or picture! I have my regulars that I visit and love adding some new one along:)

Enjoy your day my friend! BIG HUGS!

Ann in the UP said...

Amen to all of the above reasons to read a blog and what attracts me to a blog. I've come across blogs with titles so funny there was no WAY to pass them up.

But I like a little shared visiting like shannon, and discovering some common ground, even in blogs that are mostly about things I don't do and won't do.

And I dearly love to laugh. Though I have found some beautifully written blogs by young women who are recovering alcoholics. A serious subject but well written.

Dawn said...

Okay, you got me. I was toatally expecting a post about the birds and the bees, or the neigbor and their pool guy.

You are so right, a little humor and a slice of life really make photos of "stuff" more interesting. And I've been guilty lately of reading without always commenting.

Dang, William just isn't doing it for me...I was really hoping for a pool guy.

Anonymous said...

Dang, you had me at sex in the garden. I was thinking y'all were getting frisky in your old age:)Maybe I should title mine sex in the woods...I miss my blogging, and checkin in on my friends, but school will be starting in 2 1/2 weeks, and then I get "my" time back!!:)

lilmomma said...

Well, I'm very glad that mine occasionally pulls you in. Haha. Sex in the garden got me reading. Haha. Keep on blogging.

Lisa said...

I think Sex in the Garden had us all interested! But due to extreme fear of poison ivy, I like to keep all my extracurricular activities indoors.HAHA!

Angie said...

If Mrs B pops up on my Dashboard them I am going over there winging my way across the Atlantic to see where she's taking us. We English can be remarkably ignorant you know. Right now I know you're moving 'back' to Wisconsin. Now I have to find out quite where Wisconsin is!

And I must admit your title today reeled me in! "Oooh, tee-hee, Keetha said SEX".

Actually, I feel quite ok now about you not having your job. As it turns out you would have had to give it up anyway if you're moving.

Seee? Your blog always has SOMERTHING to comment on. I like that too.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Well...all I know is that you have the IT factor because I always come back...glad to read that your post title didn't inform us that you and fisherhubby got caught fooling around in the daisies!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Keetha this was a great post! It says so much how I feel about the blogs I read and follow! You do have the IT factor!!

Unknown said...

Girl, we MUST be sisters separate at birth (at least as far as blogging goes). I agree with every thing you said and in the same order! Only you said it better than I probably would have LOL Absolutely first of all the name of the blog and titles of the posts - the further out there the better for me! I've been worried about mine because my topics are so varied but now I'm worried less because of what you said - I too like some variety when I'm going back to a blog regularly. And I have to admit - Sex in the Garden reeled me in to yours today LOL I was trying to picture that in my garden of dead tomato plants and it was a real stretch! LOL

kyooty said...

The thing I enjoy the most is the conversations and learning that goes along with the comments and replies. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I definately come to your blog for the humor. Laughing makes me cough, which is a good thing for thanks :)

Holly said...

I think you are a fun blogger. :)

Anonymous said...

You make very good points.
I do see that when I take the time to comment around I see more rise in my traffic numbers.
Unfortunately it does not seem to raise my commenters numbers. (sad)
I try to return comment to everyone that visits me, and some days I just go back and check all my commenters and be sure to visit any I have not been to in a while.
As the months pass I also find my interests changing, what topics I want to read about.
If I find myself thinking something not so nice about a blog post I try to NOT comment rather than say anything negative. Sometimes I can not restrain myself, but I am honest!

I am enjoying what I am reading here.

Beth said...

Very good post, Keetha! I am still working on being the best blogger I can be. I really do love blogland; I've "met" so many nice people. And as for humor - you got it, Babe! I like my visits here and thank you for visiting me too!
Blessings and hugs, Beth

Martin LaBar said...

So Shakespeare was a blogger? I didn't know that.