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Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Here's WILDCAT Country


This is Wildcat Country.

It is so named NOT because of a current wildcat infestation, but because at one time a bobcat, also called a wildcat, roamed these Wisconsin hills preying on sheep.

No matter how pretty my pictures of this area of Vernon County may look, they just cannot do it justice. They simply cannot capture the depth and thus give you a true impression of the majesty of these hills.

The other day I was googling and found this video clip of Dan riding his Honda through Wildcat Mountain State Park. I don't know Dan, but I thank him for his video, because it gives you a feel for the terrain.

At the beginning of his run, Dan rides right through my Uncle Harold and Aunt Vetra's farm. You will see the barn on the left side of the road and the house and tractor shed on the right.

It looks to me like Dan took his ride in early spring, so he missed the lush verdant green of summer.

If he just would have come during warmer weather, and gotten off his bike to look and listen, he could have enjoyed vistas like these:

View from the base of Mount Pisgah.

Look closely at this pastoral scene and you may spy some of that nasty wild parsnip!!!

This is recycling at its natural best!

Old Settler's Trail

The village of Ontario as seen from Old Settler's Trail in Upper Wildcat.

Valley farms.

One of a thousand bends in the Kickapoo River.

The same bend framed in foliage.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Wildcat Mountain from the safety of your computer.



Anonymous said...

Nice video! I haven't been to Wisconsin since probably 1969. Yep, that long ago.. to the Wisconsin Dells and they were pretty neat.


Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for the mini-vacation in Vernon county. Your pictures are wonderful, considering that I'm viewing them on a puny screen and still think southern Wisconsin is very lovely.

Was their bobcat really
preying on livestock? The creature we call a bobcat up here is kind of small. But it may be more fierce than I know.

Martin LaBar said...


Tonja said...

Just beautiful! I especially like the look of those farms in the valley!

Theresa said...

Oh how gorgeous! I am drooling and wanting to visit:) Enjoy your day and all of this glorious beauty! I remember those troublesome wild parsnips:)


Kristin - The Goat said...

I saw the barn and house! I was so excited :) Some day I'm going to have to travel to Wisconsin (when you get there!) and see you. I always love a reason to travel.

The Goat

Dustin and Kayla said...

pretty pics, I want to go there!

Unknown said...

These photos are AMAZING!!!!!

I would love to turn those logs with the beautiful green moss into a decorating element. : ) I have just the right place in mind for them.

I got a good chuckle out of your post about my hubbie's antique gun display...too funny! Thanks for visiting today and making me smile.

Starview Sonnet

kyooty said...

I've really got to wonder just how lost! settlers got with all the Ontarios, Londonderrys, and Lincolns?

kyooty said...

also what's with the yellow line crossing? Dan's Camera guy/gal has to work on driving on one side of the road.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's so beautiful. I can't believe you found that video.