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Friday, August 13, 2010

Well Hello Dotty!


I think she was Dolly's sister.

While on our summer's ramblings, we chanced upon an eatery of note.

Not too sure how they got this picture of me and my "womanly shape" to plaster on the side of the restaurant.

Aside from that - - - - Dotty's, in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, is a kitchy, fun, and charming little hamburger joint to which I would return and return.

It features deep, private, wooden booths.

Well of COURSE it does, I'm sure those Badgers like privacy on their "first dates" too!

Fisherhubby and I are long past first date stage - - - but we enjoyed the privacy anyway.

The decor is eclectic. (Don't you just love that word?) It's a blend of college town,

Random Wisconsin woodsy things,

Stained glass window depicting America's Dairy Land, where the REAL happy cows graze,

And vintage miniature aviation.

Lots of vintage aviation,

Including blimps.

And the food? I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better burger anywhere. They had lots of topping choices.

Mine was a California burger with guacamole, spouts, cheese, tomato and lettuce.


And for sides - I had fried mushrooms with dipping sauce and Fisherhubby had delicately floured, soft-in-the-center, fried cheese curds.

Fisherhubby topped it all off with a chocolate malt.

With whipped cream.

And a cherry.

The cherry WAS on top - - - but as you can see, it did a little slip 'n slide while I took the picture.

I also took a sip of the malt and it was yummy.

And before you ask - - - YES, Fisherhubby DOES mind when I take a sip of his malts. But honestly, I can NOT drink one all by myself, and we all KNOW they make pitiful "take out" items.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would go there for sure. Looks yummy and the hamburger skirt is to die for!!

Ann in the UP said...

You've gotta know that I'm doing a search for Dotty's the minute I'm done with this.
The malt looks amazing. I'll skip the beef and head straight for the dairy food. Good photography, too.

LV said...

What a wonderful place to eat a big unhealthy meal. I would love it, but try to avoid fast foods as much as possible. Not good for blood pressure.

Janet, said...

That looks like a neat place to go. The chocolate malt sure looks yummy!

Maria said...

MMMMM I can see why the model is so round. (just like me) the food looks Yum and the Chocolate Malt nice.
Love the stained glass window.

Theresa said...

Let's see, if I start driving now... perhaps I could meet you at this restaurant on MONDAY? hehe

That hamburger looks delicious and I love fried mushrooms with a little horseradish sauce, YUMM!

Looks like the decoration in the restaurant would certainly keep you busy while waiting on your meal! Enjoy your Saturday my friend! HUGS!

Tonja said...

Wow! What a place!

Angie said...

Now let's see...chocolate malt...hmmmm. Do you have Ovaltine over there? It's a warming comforting bedtimey sort fo drink like a malt and choc flavoured hot milk which would probably be greatly enhanced by the addition of a dollop of cream and a cherry

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats eating a yummy burger while staring at the head of bear hanging on the wall !

Happy Saturday!


j said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good hamburger (cheeseburger actually). I can tell by the photos and your description that this would be a great place to eat.

A little story for you...

When Bryan and I were dating, we went to a drive thru for a sandwich. I told him to get a large drink and we could share (for some reason, that seemed sort of personal and romantic to me). Problem was, I was thirsty I guess.

He got ONE drink. The next time he picked up the cup he made the air sucking slurping sound and got nuthin'. Of course, he still hasn't let me live that down. We don't share anymore unless we get free refills :)

From the Kitchen said...

I think that's me on the ad!! In fact, I know it is because I could have polished off that malt all by myself after the hamburger!!

Happy gluttony!


From the Kitchen said...

P.S. I know the way to Wisconsin (and San Jose) because I pay my good friend a visit in Fond du Lac often. Did I miss the fact that you are moving to Wisconsin? If you are, I could stop by and visit you as well. I'm always looking for a free place to stay that includes food.


kyooty said...

I'm starting to think the world is getting smaller. I see in your comments that someone is visiting someone in Fond Du Lac. I know someone there.

Also thank you for the mushroom pic. We can't go there, :( Mushroom allergies in the home. bummer!

Erin said...

Looks like a great place. I couldn't decide between mushrooms and cheese curds. Might have to get both!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Happy Cows :) incredible cheese curds :) and I didn't know that you were now modeling?!! LOL

My food is ALWAYS being sampled by my husband but he hates it when I sample his. double standards.

Kristin - The Goat

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like a great Wisconsin stop.
I have never had fried cheese curds but the food looks delicious.