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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Sunday Rerun - "THOSE" Broyles Kids


I get sooooo excited about our bloggy Sunday reruns!!! Thanks so much to Chari over at Happy to Design for hosting Sunday Favorites.

My plan was to start with my earliest blog posts and work my way backwards toward the future (oh my does THAT make sense?) with these Sunday Reruns. However, I'm altering my own plan this week so that THIS post will follow my most recent Friday's Favorite Family Foto post, as this is a good sequel to that one. So, with no further ado I give you:

There's ALWAYS Hope
(AKA Hang in There)
(AKA "THOSE" Broyles Children"

First posted on September 15, 2008

Many of you, my beloved blog readers, those of you who identify yourselves anyway, are the age of my children or even younger. I often see posts on your blogs about the frustration of parenting. This post is for you.

Been there, done ALL that.

With FOUR children.

These were not just ANY children - - - these were the infamous BROYLES children.

You are probably wondering, "What does she mean by that?"

Well, just let me TELL you what I mean by that.

None of these children were shy.

None of these children were quiet - - - at least not at home. The "baby" could be rather quiet out in public - - - but at home?!? Let's just say at meal time we were in imminent danger of getting a noise ordinance warning. Seriously.

All of these children were creative. TOOOOO creative. I have stories - - - I may tell a few someday, but this isn't that day.

These children were cute, and occasionally cuddly. People stopped us in the grocery store and begged me to let them buy candy for these children.

These children were ZANY!!! I'm real surprised I have ANY sanity left.

These children could also FIGHT. Now, they would fight OTHERS to the DEATH to protect one another, but they didn't seem to have ANY qualms about killing each other themselves. In fact, I rather think they believed killing each other would have been justifiable homicide.

I thought Big Sister would take Little Sister OUT the day Little Sister got into Big Sister's make up and smeared it all over their bedroom carpet.

Big Brother threatened to shorten the life of Little Sister AND Little Brother so many times we ALL lost count.

Little Sister and Little Brother didn't learn a THING from being tormented by their older siblings, unless it was HOW to torment each other to an even FINER degree than what they themselves had been tormented.

I wondered if they would EVER get along.

But time has changed all that.

As hard as they fought back then, that's how hard they love now.

Wednesday night the oldest three of "THOSE" Broyles children ended up at the same concert at Verizon Music Center.

Little Sister and Big Brother, along with their dates, were together. Big Sister and Brother-In-Law were no where to be seen.

Little Sister began texting Big Sister to see if they could meet. Unfortunately they were on opposite sides of that HUGE concert venue. Little Sister was not daunted!!! She set out ALONE (Big Brother - - - WHY didn't you protect your Little Sister???) to find her Sissy.

And EUREKA!!!! She FOUND her. Joyful meeting!!!

More texting - - - this time back over to Big Brother, who decided it was time for the entire group to get together.

And together they were for the rest of the concert.

Broyles siblings.


In one place even.

No fighting.

No killing.

Just love and SINGING (at the top of their loud little Broyles' lungs, I'm sure.)

And hugging. Don't forget the hugging.

So, my dear bloggy moms-of-young-children friends, there IS hope. Hang in there.

And remember these images of "THOSE" Broyles children loving, hugging, and singing.



Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

What great pictures!

HUgs are good!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Great post my friend...and Yes they do grow up...and I had 3 daughters and I didn't think I would make it through the teen ages years with...But now all 3 sisters are the best of friend..Thanks for sharing ...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

This is a great post!! My sister and I fought like cats and dogs as kids, and sadly, we are still not close. However, I can see my 4 boys and know that they will grow up and be like those Broyles kids. That makes me happy.

Roslyn said...

Oh my, your children sound JUST LIKE our four! Except for one who would not fight,he was the peacemaker, make love not war! they sound like the Family Circus,LOL!
I love your new hairdo Keetha, very sweet & cool for summer.

Chandy said...

Hugs are so nice for any family... Great pictures!

Mrs. Petrie said...

Aww...that was so sweet. I love to hear mothers talk about their now grown-up kids!

kyooty said...

OK, so I wait... and wait and wait, I do know it's possible. I remember the age of locking my bedroom door and living in my room, because I had 4 brothers and sisters. I also know of us all going out together for a New Years Party, and having a great time. And my first brother drove 5hours to come help us get our roof on. There was a time when we didn't speak to each other unless it was "don't talk to me".... so I wait!

Dixie said...

Keetha... you are so right... my 3-daughters "hung out" together yesterday in Dallas because the youngest needed so auto help and her sisters volunteered to run her around... they ended up all going, with their families to youngest company picnic yesterday afternoon.

Then last night, we were at a friends patio party... all 3 of Ricky's kids there with spouses... hanging out together...

They do grow up and become best friends...

blessings. Dixie

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Keetha...

Well my friend, we survived yesterday! The estate sale went well...we had nice weather and many shoppers! Ohhh boy, I'm worn out though...I woke up "tired" this morning...that's not a good thing! Hehe! Thank you for being patient with my oversight of using last week's Mr. Linky! Good thing I checked in with my blog to see if it publishes okay! Eeekkks!!!

Well Darlin'...what a fabulous post! Your four kids look and sound like awesome kiddos!!! Are any of them still living at home? Cute story about the sure does a "mama's heart" good to know that her children not only have that family love for one another but that they also turn out to be good friends!!!

I have 3 grown daughter's by my first marriage. When I met Russell, his children were only 6 and I kind of started over in the "raising kids" department! hehe! They are now 14 and 15...ahhh, these wonderful teen years! Need I say more? Hehe! Sometimes I just know that the fights are going to lead to the "shedding of blood"...eeekkks! Thank you for reminding me that they do grow past this stage...hehe!!!

Thank you again for joining in with Sunday Favorites, my friend...and thanks for the compliments on my hunk of a husband! hehe!

Love ya,

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Love you kids, sound so much like
Thanks for the reminder on my blog, I had schedualed my post before Mr. Linky was up and slept late this morning.
PS you should write a book....

Michelle said...

Cute post and your children are gorgeous and happy too.

I have an award for you on my blog. So come on over and cut/paste.

Carol said...

Very sweet! My two are all grown up, but I can remember a few fights along the way!

xinex said...

What a lovely post, Keetha and what a lovely family and beautiful children!...Christine

LV said...

What a sweet post. Anyone with children could write a post involving them every week. I love yours and you have a great family. Thanks for stopping by post. I appreciate your comments.

Trish said...

Yes, young Mama's everywhere...they do grow up to be friends. And it is wonderful...ain't that right Keetha?

Amy said...

So...there is hope?! thanks for that glimpse of light I can't see yet because my ears are deaf from the noise, a pile of dirty laundry is blocking my view,the dog just sprayed by a skunk, and being told, "Mom, there is nothing good to eat in this house again!By the way, I need a ride to my friend's house...";)

j said...

What an awesome post! They look like they enjoy each other's company.

My kiddos can fight (have mercy can they ever) but they do seem to genuinely love each other. I don't know yet about the sticking up for one another but I can hope that they will take care of each other.

Altered Glass said...

Yup, mine the same way. Once they got past the kill or be killed stage, they are best friends now which makes for great times when it is get together.

nancygrayce said...

I have 5 siblings and although we fought to the death while we were young, we always pulled together if their was a the time my older brother threw a glass baby bottle at one of us and put a hole in the wall....we rearranged the furniture, put a bookshelf there, our mother almost went into a full faint because she thought we were being nice! :) When she finally moved that bookcase, she said "wonder where that hold came from?" We all just shrugged out shoulders! :)

Kristin - The Goat said...

My sisters and I are very close, but we really didn't have a lot of fighting. We are all six and a half years apart so fighting would have been really really mean.

grammy said...

Kingda, it's sooo much fun reading your blogs about "our" fam but it's also wonderful to read about your blogging friends stories. You feel so connected to this "blogging support group" and how fun it is to visit their blogs also.

Thanks for making our lives much more connected and enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

you have the prettiest family ever!
you did a good job with all of them i think!
be proud of yourself

Lone Butterfly said...

You give me hope that B10 and CW will NOT kill each other...and will make it to adulthood as best friends.

I also have high hopes that they will want to love and protect GO years from now as much as they do right now.

You can't imagine how much I needed to read that post today!

Anonymous said...

If you're refering to me... I am the age of one of your children.