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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thrifty Vintage Thingies Thursday - THONGS

It's THAT time again!!!!
Vintage Thingies Thursday over at Coloradolady and Thrifty Thursday at Bloggeritaville.

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Today I am ACTUALLY more thrifty than vintagie. Can you believe it, Leigh????

Just look what I got for $3 yesterday:

Oh they are so bright and full of color and 70's flowers and BLING on the straps - - - it was love at first sight!!!

Then I put them on my little feet - - - with my OTHER thrifty find, a $10 pedicure from the Beauty School, and VOILA!!! That's double thrift in one post.

What about the VINTAGE part you ask?

Well folks - - - my feet ARE vintage. Oh yes they are - - - they are 55 years old and I believe 50 qualifies something to be an antique, so I ARE ONE!!!! :-)

AND, if that isn't vintage enough, I'm referring to these brand new flip-flops by their very vintage 50's and 60's name of THONGS.

No - - - you will NOT EVER catch me wearing the OTHER kind of thong. Don't EVEN bother to picture it in your mind's eye - - - - Don't go there - - - it's UGLY. :-)



brokeintrovert said...

This post was very funny! I needed a good laugh this a.m.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hey my vintage feet have yours beat by one year! So respect your elders from now on, young lady.

Very cute thongs. . . we used to call them "zorries" when I was a kid, back in the covered wagon days.

And what is this ghost story you've got? Give, girl, give!


LV said...

You seem to have a way to brighten our day with your fun post.

Lori R. said...

Cute, cute... I would so wear those too! and I never thought about a pedicure from a beauty school. Good Idea!!! now I just have to find a beauty school, where's the phone book? Vintage, I like using the word seasoned instead... vintage just sounds older. Right there with you K.B.:)

★Carol★ said...

Nice thong Keetha! I mean thongs! They're pretty, and your feet are cute! You gotta love the beauty school. That's where I get my hair cut, and one of these days I'll have to try a pedicure!

Ulla said...

Such a funny way to tell about your treasures!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Those are some cuh-ute flip flops!!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

I always love your thongs. Smile.
And they are bright and sassy like you! So Keetha! I LOVE IT!

Joy Tilton said...

From one vintage to another...while doing a little Walmart shopping the other day I see they are now making thong panty liners, I kid you not, is that just the grossest thing ever???

kyooty said...

Great looking shoes and toes!

DeAnna said...

Cute cute cute and thrifty. Those are very nice for $10.00 vintage toes. Thanks for sharing!

LADY JANE said... vintage feet are doing the happy dance for sigh...if I could just find ME a pair of those thrifty thongs! Peace to ya sista! Lovely bloggie and happy VTT to you!

Coloradolady said...

You are a hoot!! I love the are right, very retro looking about those vintage feet....they look great!!

Hava a great VTT!!

cristina said...

Sequins are so now - what a great thrifty find!

Kristin - The Goat said...

They totally look like you :) flowery, sparkly and totally comfortable!!

Unknown said...

Those are the prettiest flip-flops I've ever seen! Fabulous find!

Thanks for sharing!


Holly said...

Those flips are the cutest! Love your toes too. :)

Miri said...

Very funny LOL...I never even thought of the other kind of thong! Thongs were flip-flops!

Nancy said...

How words have changed! My favorite thong / flip-flop story: A wonderful pastor of ours announced the church picnic to be held after morning services in a couple weeks. In the first service, he told everyone to dress casually and wear thongs to church on picnic Sunday. In between services, a few of us informed him of the current definition, and he corrected his announcement during the 2nd service. Good thing most of the younger generations attended the 2nd service!

Bea said...

Funny post today. Enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed wearing my thongs when I was growing up. Now I wear flip flops and no thong. =)

Anonymous said...

that was ssoo much fun!! your thongs and your red toenails!..btw we call them thongs downunder the other type of thong we call a you i haven't worn one in quite a while lol!!

Cindy said...

hahahaha! The thongs have a great vintage look, your feet don't look vintage. Man, I wish I lived that close to a beauty college.

I can't find my blog said...

You and your cute thongs! I need to find me some!

Oh, and I had to laugh at the statement "50 qualifies something to be an antique, so I ARE ONE!"=PRICELESS!

Sarah said...

This post is such a ray of have me laughing!!

CC said...

Great find. I really like your shoes..and your post. You have the sweetest sense of humor.. :). Happy VTT and I hope your weekend is a wonderful one.

SueLovesCherries said...

I wish my 53-yr-old feet looked as good as yours! I adore the thongs!

brokeintrovert said...

Oh...I really do need your help. I don't know what I'm doing at all. I will delete the others, except for Mary's artwork because this belongs to my daughter. She wanted to join me with her own blog...I didn't know the best way to do this. Yes, please follow Mom's House Book.