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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Frags - Dressed to Kill Edition


Each week, whether we are ready for it or not, Friday rolls around and with it the fragments of our minds are unleashed.

Thanks, Mrs. 4444!!

This is our baby girl (Korie) and her hubby (Chris) standing on the University of Wisconsin campus. They were there for a wedding and all we got to see was this picture!!

They clean up pretty good, don't they!?

Korie's always been a real dresser-upper. Here she is as an orphan boy for a musical number she was in back in the day.

And here she is as Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island.

Here's a brilliant little piece of school work our grandson turned in the other day.

Don't know WHY that teacher circled and checked it wrong - - - if S doesn't begin with an S then what does????? We said he should have added an eye and a forked tongue and all would be well.

Reminds us of the time his mommy answered her math story problem asking the difference between the speeds of two trains with "a lot."

That teacher wasn't impressed either.

Guess who's coming Monday!?!?

That's right!!! Sister Pam and - - -

B-I-L Joe.

Joe's a real dresser too, "ain't" he???

And Pam is holding the gator
"Cause she can."

That's all I know about that.

B-I-L Joe's brother Jeff and his wife Johnna holding their great-niece Finley.

Finley, I feel that SAME EXACT WAY when I look at Jeff!!!


Sent to me this week by two of my former students:

"It's that old devil moon that you stole from the sky,
It's that old devil moon in your eyes!"
(Lyrics from Finian's Rainbow)

"Temptation eyes looking through my-my-my soul"
(Lyrics by The Grass Roots)

How fun are these old neon signs I found this week at our local drive-in?

No, NOT a drive-in movie - - - a root beer drive-in.

The kind with frozen mugs of frothy goodness.

Silly me.
I thought this said So's drive-in
And wondered who So was
Since it was at Kathy's Drive-in.

Someone had to tell me it said 50's.
And now you REALLY know
Who you're dealing with here.

The lovely letter W dividers

Are brought to you this week
By the University of Wisconsin.
Go Badgers!
On Wisconsin!!

Now please hurry over to Mrs 4444's place
and see all the Friday Fragments!

Credit: Wisconsin dividers from Glitter Graphics



Tracy said...

Someone might think you were a little partial to the badgers. Lol

KathyB. said...

O.K. I thought the 50 was the name "So's" too.

Your daughter is beautiful and your family looks like way too much fun, but since when has way too much fun been a bad thing? I love this post Keetha!

Wayne W Smith said...

Got a mention on Mrs. 4444's blog and saw those neon signs. This has to be near perfect week for you...

Smellyann said...

Your daughter is gorgeous!

The neon signs are so fun; I love old-timey stuff like that. :)

I love BIL Joe's outfit! Hehehe!

Ciao, bella!

Erin said...

Oh my. I love the homework! That's too cute (since I am not the teacher). Also, I thought it was So's Drive in as well! :) The signs are very cool!

Unknown said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I note that your sister is holding an alligator with a mouth clamp. That's the best way to keep your head when handling a 'gator.

shannon i olson said...

ok, so it runs in your family?? ;)
I love the S myself, hey keep it simple right? have a great day. And no dressin funny, unless your headin to Walmart.

Tami said...

I really like the Mary Ann costume. I always knew you were a partier. And you passed it along to your family!
Love ya!

Claudya Martinez said...

They must have root beer drive-ins in heaven. Your daughter is a stunner.

Ann in the UP said...

Spit and snort. BIL joe----enough said!

Bill Lisleman said...

the neon 5 in that sign looks a lot like the picture your grandson drew to me.

Kranky Granny said...

I sure hope that BIL Joe was dressed for halloween. Otherwise ?????

Thanks for all the chuckles today.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Lovely daughter and family too!
How fun that your sister is coming...tell her hi from me!
Keetha, i love your frags', it gets me caught up with your life!
Hugs friend,

podso said...

Smiles for your frags! Have fun with your sis!

Lisa said...

I thought the sign said "So's drive in" too. Haha! Now I see it! and really your grandson did draw a picture of a letter S - I wondered why the teacher check and circled too. Maybe she wanted him to put eyes on the S to make it look like a snake. . . and then maybe she stepped out side the box a little and gave him credit because it is a picture of a letter S.

Your brother in law is a hoot! and your daughter is gorgeous!

Have a great weekend!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I totally would have marked that answer incorrect, but probably would have given the student a chance to "fix" it, regardless, it would have given me a giggle.

Empty Nester said...

Such a clever post! I thoroughly enjoyed it! If you only got to see one photo, the one they shared was a good one! Such a good looking couple- and happy!

LV said...

Now we know your daughter got all hr talent from her mom. Sounds like your entire family would be fun to be around. Love the way you express yourself.

nancygrayce said...

Your daughter and her husband are looking great!!!

I love the neon dad and brothers are "sign" men and one brother blows neon which is a real art! Unfortunately during Ivan his neon shop was torn to pieces by a falling oak! I love neon signs!

Mrs4444 said...

LOVE the dividers--very impressive. That said, my favorite part of this post was the one that ended with "Now you know who you're dealing with here." I laughed out loud. (And I thought it was "So's" too!)

Rainy Sunday over here, and I am off to get my classroom in order.Have a great day!

Vidya Sury said...

Such a lovely post! I really enjoyed it! :-) My favorite was the picture beginning with an S :D

Keri said...

I also thought it said "so"!

Korie told me you were none to pleased to find out they were so close and didn't come say HI. :)