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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Can't Make This Stuff Up - - -


I believe I may have mentioned a time or two before that Fisherhubby has richly earned that title. One of the ways he's earned it is by watching fishing shows 24/7.

In fact, there's a story about that - - - when we moved here we decided to try a different TV provider and FH's only criteria was that the new provider carry WFN, World Fishing Network, for those of us who don't care.

It shows ONLY fishing shows day and night.

I kid you not! Yes, such a network DOES exist. Trust me. It is on nearly nonstop when FH is home.

Well, we moved here mid-fall, and wanting to be SURE I didn't have to miss a single moment of my College Football (yes, that deserves caps) I called way ahead of time to order the installation of TV service. I KNEW FH would not be a happy fisherman without WFN, so I ASKED multiple times to be sure the new provider carried it.


I asked TWICE. I was assured both times they had it.

On Wednesday of our first week here, the new TV service was installed. Within moments of the installer departing FH, with remote in hand, frantically scanned the proffered channels searching for his beloved mistress.


What??? Are you sure? They told me, TWICE, that they had it.


Can you wait until after the weekend so I can see my football???


Well, then you'd better have our old service installed by Saturday morning at 11 am when football starts, or I'm checking into a hotel. (Oh no mes amies, that was NO idle threat.)

After plenty of phone calling and finger pointing as to BLAME for the failure of the new service to provide WFN, it was uninstalled and the good old standby installed by just a few minutes after 11 am on Saturday.

All was again right with our little world.

But I digressed - - - WAY FAR ASTREAM!!

Back to the POINT of this post - - - if indeed a point there is.

Every once in a blue moon I do find something note-worthy, and by that I mean makes me LOL, while FH is watching those same-ole, same-ole fishing shows.

Today there were two blue moons.

I hope they make you giggle as they did moi.

Did you know such a thing as a floating bathroom exists on some large lakes?


I think they may be necessary for the guerrilla warfare fishermen like FH who once they get out there stay for days and days on end. (OK, so he usually does come in by midnight - - - but he HAS been known to sleep on the floor of his boat overnight - more than once I might add. I kid you not again)

And this one you must watch all the way to the bitter end for the humor.

It's OK - - - only 30 seconds or so.

And let me just tell ya, if you don't understand the humor in THAT, you "ain't" married to a true fisherman.

Enjoy your weekend.

And remember - - - keep your bait in the water, I'm pullin' for ya, we're all in this thing together!!! (I so stole that from Red Green with a little editing of my own.)

Photo credit: Floating bathroom from



nancygrayce said...

Now the bathroom I could go for! No pun intended.....I had to be anywhere where there is no bathroom! :))

Ann in the UP said...

You're right, you couldn't make this stuff up. I am happy to see the floating loos on the lake, though. Back in my fishing days, my fishing partner wouldn't go to shore for anything, and I was pregnant and didn't have the same bladder capacity that he did!

The Rapala ad was pretty cute, though. I gave Rapala tackle for many a special occasion in those olden days.

podso said...

Well now I've seen everything!

Unknown said...

Hah! That made me laugh. I actually love fishing but we don't go that often. And I'm sorry but I love fishing waaaaaayyy more than I could ever love football. Can we please still be friends though?

Tami said...

You poor dear lady… fishing shows on 24/7. You must really, really, really love him! ;-)

42N said...

Hey, fishing and college football. Nothing better.

Alyx said...

Is that floating bathroom real!??! Where does the waste go? Oooh dear.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think the floating bathroom is a great idea! Love the story and you can't make this stuff up!!! Glad it all got worked out.

Pokey said...

I did not know such stuff existed! Hmm, is there a 24/7 sewing/quilting network? We don't pay for any tv, cable, or dish, but if there were something I wanted to see,....
Funny stuff!

Erin said...

The floating bathroom is priceless! Who knew that such a thing exists. :)

Holly said...

Oh, you and your man are so funny together!

Ahem. But of course, this is serious business.

Speaking of serious business, there are also floating johns out in the Everglades for the people who do backcountry camping and boating trips. We all know where a bear poops, and alligators and South Floridians, well....

Martin LaBar said...

I guess you're watching football tomorrow night.

Unknown said...

Going to have to share this with Steve. Too funny!

Keri said...

I sincerely hope the refuse doesn't just fall into the lake!

In the funny Rappala commercial...the guy in orange looks like our Chris!

I love coming here and giggling at you and Dad. MISS YOU BOTH!!!