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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fisherhubby is out on "The Pete" and Won't Come Home for Supper


Fisherhubby truly is 14 years old.

He's out fishing on "The Pete" and won't stop and come home for supper 'cause he's caught 15 scaly things this late afternoon and early evening.

"The Pete" is what he calls Lake Petenwell, which is just down the road a piece from here.

"The Pete" is more than 23,000 square acres of water.

It is BIG.

People have gotten lost out there - - - including Fisherhubby.

I told him to be sure he has enough gas, his phone, AND HIS CHARGER.

I'll let you know when he comes home and what his tally total of scaly things is.

I reckon I'd better grow me some scales if I want any attention from him.

Oh - - - and I "ain't" waitin' on him to come home to eat my supper neither!

Later Addendum: He got home about 10 pm, his fish tally for the day was 18.



Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

We have "The Joe" in our neck of the woods. It's really the St. Joe River, but they call it "The Joe." Do guys ever get past 14? I don't think so.

Alyx said...

You guys must have a freezer full of fishies...

Pokey said...

Loved the past adventures you linked to, yep, I'd eat my dinner without him, too (and be praying for his safety!!).

Kranky Granny said...

I hope you are planning one huge fish fry for friends and family after all the scaly things he tallied on your vacation to the cabin. Otherwise how do you manage to eat all those fish? Or, does he count them and toss them back?

Unknown said...

And doesn't he have a small boat? I love to boat and fish but little boats on big lakes are scary! Great catch though!