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Friday, August 3, 2012

Baseball, Football, Sasquatch, and Other All-American Friday Fragments


It's Friday, I'm all fragmented, so let's get started!!!

So NOW Sasquatch Shows His Face!

We wanted to have a sasquatch sighting on vacation, but he was a no-show.

Fisherhubby walked into our very own local BP station - - - and right there - - - presiding over a box of Jack Links jerky was Satchy himself.

Jack Links are made in a tiny Northwoods Wisconsin village named Minong, population 526. Minong is about a ten minute drive from our vacation cabin, so I thought if we saw good old Satch it would be there.

Who'd a thunk he'd show up 'round these here parts?!? Too late to make ye olde vacation tallies.

Ever Been to Church Camp?

I raised my kids by taking them to camps (yes, plural CAMPS) every summer.

Something in the very soil of the place still lives deep in their souls.

OK, so it isn't really about the soil at all. It's about how the Holy Spirit was (and is) always faithful to meet with them there.

They loved it.

They still do.

Sunday evening, for the first time in YEARS, they all went together back to camp.

Kelly and his buddies placed this bench up against this dorm wall YEARS AGO when they were teens so they could sit and watch the girls go by.

Let's be honest - - - that is EXACTLY why they put the bench there, to watch the girls go by, and heckle the especially cute ones - - - they had no deep spiritual motives.

The tradition of the Leaning Bench still stands today. I have no clue how many benches have been worn out in the ensuing years. I know it's been several 'cause I personally witnessed the collapse of a few.

I do, however, know my son. THAT look on his face is because he is PROUD to have been one of the originators of the leaning bench.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!!!

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks - - - well, we weren't satisfied with peanuts and cracker jacks, we got us some big ole sandwiches instead.

We have a Northwoods League team in this town - - - the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters. College guys play in this league all the summer, it is sort of a pre-pro league.

The games are played at Witter Field, the entrance fee is only $7 per person,

Family participation games (like this pack your suitcase game) are played between innings, we have our very own River Rat mascot - Roscoe P Rafter, and

The ball park food is pretty tasty. This Chicken Cordon Bleu sammie was my fave.

(Note - do NOT BE FOOLED by how green the grass is at Witter Field. They MUST water it, 'cause it didn't get that way from rain, that's for SURE AND FOR CERTAIN!)

Tough As Nails

My wonderful nail tech, Andy, gave me these fun Zebra fingers this week - - - one on each hand. He's just the best.

Football is COMING!!!

While sitting in the bleachers at the baseball game at Witter field last night, I saw things that turned my fancy to my FAVORITE sport - - - - FOOTBALL.

I'm sure SOME of you were in doubt as to what my favorite sport is. (wink wink)

In fact, as I gazed OVER the BB field fence, my eyes spied the OLD HS football score board. I watched many a football game at that field, staring at that score board WILLING my beloved Raiders to WIN.

The score board looks lonely out there now - - - wonder if it is ever used any more since the HS has moved blocks and blocks away.

Speaking of which - - - why would they move LINCOLN High School OFF of Lincoln Street and put it on 16th Street, I ask ya!?!?!

The Leaves are Turning

But oh my friends, this is NOT the normal changing of the leaves into fall colors. Oh no - - - this is what happens during a drought. These poor maple leaves are browning all around the edges. If we don't get enough rain SOON, they may finish turning brown and drop right off.




Even more rain than was provided by the lovely thunder storm we had last night.

Because folks, our grass still looks like THIS.

Our farmers are hurting.

I Hope This Makes You Smile

A few seasons ago, these two young men both played football for the Mountaineers of WVU.

This is NOT a photo-shopped picture, for I was watching the game on TV when they sat on this bench together with their last names making this ridiculous statement.

As I remember, the announcers didn't mention it - - - but I nearly spit my snacks across the room choking with laughter.

You can't make this stuff up.

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Unknown said...

Dingle and Berry are a great combo. I am glad you found humor in your day, even if the drought is getting everyone a bit disturbed these days.

nancygrayce said...

I love this whole post, but I laughed out loud when I saw the Dingle Berry Jerseys! If you just look around there is funny stuff everywhere!!

I love that your kids went to Church camps. That is my favorite summer memory (and I only went once) !

I guess the only place our paths divide in football.....I don't like it....I sometimes watch it just for my husband, but I really don't like it. Maybe I have a gene missing?

Have a great weekend and I hope it rains!

Erin said...

Dingle and that is just too funny. What are the odds they'd end up on the same team?!

And your nails - so pretty and fancy schmanchy!

Your baseball field reminds me of ours. We have a whatdayacallit - farm team or minor league, I'm not sure - for the St. Louis Cardinals. I have not braved the heat to attend a game this year, but it's always fun!

Happy Friday!

viridian said...

Church camp! 2 of my 3 kids are there now! I think they are having a good time - they always do.

Great set of fragments!

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

I'm so relieved that you finally saw Sasquatch! Your vacation tallies just weren't complete without him!

Speaking of tallies, I love that idea. We went camping last weekend, and I kept tallies. Just haven't had a chance to blog about it yet.

And yes, I grew up going to church camps, too. Some of my best memories, particularly of my teen years, were at camp. We're headed to campmeeting next week, actually. I'm praying that my kids will have a wonderful time (they are 16 and 19), and that the Holy Spirit will meet with us in the services.

And the captcha thing? I'm with you on that. I was getting tons of spam comments every day on my blog, so I finally made it not accept Anonymous comments rather than turn on the captcha. It has helped, though not eliminated them entirely. Do you get many spam comments? Or does that work for you, too?

Ann in the UP said...

Hi, Buddy---
I have happy memories of church camp as a camper and a staffer. I liked being the nurse the best. Lots of time to read and knit.

Dingle and Berry? Someone got the joke at the top--because they were issued consecutive numbers. Too funny!

Charlotte said...

You keep me laughing every post. I had never heard of 'dingle berry' until I met my husband! :-)

Anonymous said...

I never went to church camp since I didnt grow up in church but my daughter went for her second time this summer. She loves it and always comes home pumped and ready to learn all the songs from camp to play at youth group!

Anonymous said...

Here in GA, there is nearby Holbrook Campground. I have a 90 year old neighbor who has NEVER missed campmeeting! Glad your children were able to return this year.
I love your Zebra nails! So fun!
The leaves on our trees are drying and falling also. We are receiving rain this evening.
Hope you have a good weekend.

Tami said...

Love, love, love the nails! I am always doing something different with mine. Even the toes! :-D

After following your blog, I don't know why I am surprised by the sasquash. hee hee

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

I am commenting AGAIN to let you know I posted AGAIN today... and gave you a shout-out!

Mimi said...

I Thought for sure I followed you....I found you somewhere...and thought geez, I need to pop in and say Hi to Keetha....and then I realized I had not hit follow...cause I looked for you on my dashboard..Now how did that happen or Not happen????Loved your pics...yes, I went to camp....I loved it as I got older but hated it when I was young.....
wanted to share a room with my sister......I am So glad you are getting rain...I have been worried about all of you!!

42N said...

We finally got some rain this afternoon. Its probably over you now. Enjoy!

"GB" said...

Oh, my wine just went up my nose... Dingle Berry... I will be laughing at that all night. Thank you!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I LOVE all of your clock towers!! My home town of Bristol only has one and the town I live in now doesn't have any:(
I am happy to know the wishes of sending our rain to you has worked, I will continue the wishing:)
Wow, summer camps...I only went to a girl scout camp once. My kids however went to a church camp meeting for 10 days every summer and LOVED it. My grands are avid campers..sports camp, church camp and camps run by the local college.
I am so glad your hubby found his way home. Have a Blessed week!

Keri said...

Dad looks skinny!