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Friday, May 11, 2012

Blogger Is No Longer My Friend - FF #1


Since when is blogger limiting me to 1 MB space per post???????


Well- - - I shall FOOL YOU, I shall make my Friday Fragments post in increments. So there.

NOTICE: Blogger is really making me MAD tonight. There are 4 separate posts to this ONE Friday Fragment post - - - but only TWO of them show up on this page, TYVM Blogger! When you get to the bottom of #2, please click on "older posts" to see the last two.

Fragment the First

Recently we found a "new to us" place to eat. Jim's BBQ Shack. Clean and neat as a pin.

Meet Jim, who's only known me for three visits, yet already reads the "pick on me" sign on my forehead.

Fisherhubby prefers the ribs - - - slather on the sauce please!

I adore the Q-Shack Tater, pulled pork, NO SAUCE, but load on the cheese, butter, and sour cream please.

Scroll on down for the NEXT fragment, por favor.

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Oh great place, the spare ribs look wonderful and I'm drooling over them!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you sweet lady.

podso said...

I remember another blogger whose blog was shut down as she had used up her "photo space." Since then I try to reduce the size of my photo before I post it. It makes it easier to open a blog as well (not as slow). I have read there is a limit for each blog. Could you be reaching it? I use a mac so it's easy to reduce the size in iphoto. I know, you're not a mac-er but you know someone who is! Happy Mother's Day!

LV said...

I would love to join you at this little place. I love ribs too. I am trying to use the new version and it has been and still is a struggle. Thought I better learn before they completely wiped the old way out. May you have a super day on Sunday.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks yummy. I haven't had that issue yet, hope it doesn't happen to me. Happy Mother's Day!

Bill Lisleman said...

I just ate some pulled-pork tonight. One of my favorite sandwiches. The 1 Mb limit is one I have never run into and I've been on blogger since 2006.
Of course I've always post pictures that have been reduced in size. Anything near a 1 Mb sized picture is a waste on the internet since we don't view them full screen. Also did you know if you join G+ I believe you end-up with unlimited space for pictures. I had my daughter join for that reason.

Kay said...

Oh yum, I could lick the screen!!! What on earth. blogger. I think it is a glitch because my posts can be huge with images and no issues whatsoever.

Claudya Martinez said...

The food looks great. I can't believe Blogger is limiting the size of your posts! When did this happen? Not cool!.

Mrs4444 said...

Goodness, those both look amazingly delicious! :)

tinajo said...

Huh? I haven´t noticed any limitations like that - strange!

I´d totally eat that food, all of it actually. Right now I´m starving... :-D

Hootin Anni said... all of the posts you have for FF...What a great day to go exploring and what you found to take home. By the way, I love what you did with them all ---and I love your glass slipper 'bottle'.

Oh and the place looks like it'd be my kind of eatery too.

Stacy said...

I've heard lots of complaints about Blogger lately (knock on wood) I haven't run into any of the problems.

The Tater looks delish and I LOVE all your finds at the antique shop. :)

Alyx said...

Wait, what?!?! Is it seriously limiting you? That's ridiculous!! I don't think i've ever had that problem, although i've had PLENTY of other problems with blogger.
That BBQ looks delicious!!
That antique shop is so cute, too!!

Lynn said...

Oh, and I put better pictures of my cup-light project. It was too rainy the day I took the first ones. Now you can see them.

Pulled pork with no sauce is un-American.

Kranky Granny said...

I have not encountered your problem either with blogger but I did get a message several years ago that I was running out of blogger memory for photos. They do limit the photo storage for each blog (not the post but the whole blog.)

When researching it I found that if I use the same photo more then once and download it again each time to save having to go into the blogger photo archives to retrieve it I use up a lot more space. So I had two options. I could periodically go into the blogger photo archives and delete all the duplicates or I could just spend twenty dollars a year for unlimited space and the convenience of not having to worry about such aggravations.

So guess which one I opted for. Now, I know some will say "yea, it's just another scam to make more money off you by selling you photo memory." And, you are partly correct. Just remember that the actually service (no matter how many blogs you have) is actually free. So, they need some way to pay their bills.

I have never had a problem since. I just consider the cost part of my entertainment expense and with the amount of time I spend blogging that comes out to pennies a day.

Vidya Sury said...

1 MB per post? What nonsense! I didn't know that. No wonder one of my posts which was photo-heavy just froze. Bad Blogger, I agree!

:-D Glad you enjoyed your meal!