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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wherein I Break My OWN 1-Picture-Per-Vacation-Post Rule


For good reason, I hope!

This post is dedicated to 2 of the 3 fishermen on this trip.

Meet Mike.

Mike is becoming a vacation-fisherman. But in his usual st
ate, he is a metrosexual who will be sure his shoes and belt match, even on vacation. He is also the ONLY one of us to EVER use an iron here at the cabin.

Today, just before I snapped this shot he confessed that he had NOT ironed his fishing shirt, even though the crinkled pockets were driving him insane.

Yes - - - his vacation wardrobe contains "fishing outfits" which are NOT to be confused with his "town outfits."

And this is Fisherhubby whose garb consists of all things Packers or Gators AND his infamous "zippy" pants for town OR fishing, his wardrobe "pieces" are interchangeable that way.

His "pre-fishing" ritual consists of checking Facebook and e-mail. Oh, and apparently tormenting his wife who is TRYING to capture blog fodder with her camera lens.

Whatever these two fishermen do to get ready for their forays out onto the "seas," it MUST be working 'cause just look what they brought home today:

A nice sized northern pike.

With a toothsome grin. A VERY toothsome grin.

And Fisherhubby has a toothy grin of his own because he isn't a bit proud of his accomplishments or anything.

Leigh (and any other fisherman who may care) he used 30# test, a chartreuse spinner and a bait caster.

Pike Steaks Tonight!!!



Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Wow...that was a BIG one..sounds like you are enjoying your R and R!

Keri said...

I'm still flabbergasted that he is wearing a hoodie AND a jacket in mid-July! :) NOT shocked though...I do remember that vacation we took to the Northwoods when I was in High School and it was FREEZING.

Traci Marie Wolf said...

YOur posts always make me laugh. I love the fisherman's fashion post.

Theresa said...

Fun times for those Fishermen:) Love the toothy grin and that is some kind of BIG fish!

Have a fun evening! HUGS!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You must be in Hayward?
Looks like hubby is having a blast!!
How about Keetha?
I e-mailed you back, I am just so behind on this e-mailing and blogging stuff.
My body aches like crazy from hauling a baby around.
No wonder I am called Grandma! hehe.

Unknown said...

My husband would be so thrilled to catch that fish! Yours should be proud! And my husband used to iron his seersucker shirts--couldn't stand the wrinkles...what a goofball....

42N said...

I want to fish at a lake like that again!

Anonymous said...

Mike must have been in the branch of some military?
He let the fish go, right?