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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seein' Frog Creek


Today's post is toothy - - - but if you want a chuckle or two, you simply have to bite the bullet and READ.

Sometimes, just for the sheer wilderness of it, Fisherhubby and I decide to take the fire trail on the first leg of the jaunt into town.

When I was a girl, these fire access routes truly were just trails - - - basic sand paths barely gorged out of the northwoods. My dad had a penchant for using them to find "short cuts" across the northwest "eye of the Indian Head State" which resulted in many a tale of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with cells phones still a good 35 years from invention.

But I digress - - -

As you can see, today these same fire trails are veritable thoroughfares replete with gravel and wide grassy shoulders, thanks in large part to the invention of snowmobiles and ATVs and possibly even to funds available from the rather recent and infamous "stimulus package".

They even boast NAMES instead of just being numbered as in days of yore. This one is Hall Road, formerly Town Hall Road, but since the Town Hall for which it was named has faded into foggy memory, the Town was dropped from its name.

And today, these trails can be found on Google Earth or GPS or even MapQuest which seems to me to take part of the fun right out of them. But if you look here, you can see Hall Road and just a bend or two above the red balloon you may IMAGINE the site of the REST of this tale.

But before we commence all that imagining let me just point out that the largest lake on the map is Gull, where we are staying, and that if you click on the + one time, our cabin is directly below the "k" of Gull Lake. Also by that self-same one click the NAMES of those tiny fire trails will appear, as if by magic, and you can easily find and follow Hall Road up to Highway 77, which is exactly what we did.

But again, I digress - - -

Let's commence the imagining:

First, imagine our surprise when right in the middle of the wilderness that surrounds Hall Road Fire and ATV Trail we came upon a thriving community.

The Town of Frog Creek.

Personally, I could find neither frog nor creek nor even town.

But Fisherhubby, who has a far greater imagination than do I, took it all in with one glance! He was ready to hop out of the old Durango and begin seein' Frog Creek.

First he pointed out the mall on the right and the Phillips 66 on the left.

And of course, when my eyes were thus opened, I too could see it all.

Ladies - - - when you get bored with YOUR same old same old never-have-what-I-want shopping centers, come on up to the Indian Head State and I'll be glad to take you over to Frog Creek where they have anything and everything you can imagine.



Ann in the UP said...

I zoomed and zoomed and zoomed until I could see FH out in the boat soaking bait! What a wonderful thing!

You have such a partner in mischief. Now you're doing PR for Frog lake. I hope their Chamber of Commerce is ready for you two!

Unknown said...

I love the name of the town! Perhaps it is a frog town and the creek is only a puddle available at certain times of the year--kinda like Brigadoon!

Theresa said...

Frog Creek sounds like a busy place:) hehe Enjoy your day dear Keetha, HUGS!

Holly said...

Ooh, I see it! I know a place like that in northern-central Florida!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was a cute story. Can't wait to visit that town. Maybe I can go there in my dreams!

Rebecca said...

Bwahahaha, just read the "Worrying works. 90% of the things I worry about never happens". Love it!

Also, there are places like that nearby where my parents live. Google earth hasn't been near the place, but I do think that Mapquest has most of the roads on their maps, not all but most.

Terra said...

Frog Creek judging from your photos and description is charming and a thriving village, where frogs run the show and hop around all they like.

lilmomma said...

There is a town quite like this on the way to my parents house. The little town of Cole. :)

Jilly said...

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Kristin - The Goat said...

I remember going to a town in Colorado called Pea Green. The only thing in the town was the Pea Green Store. It was painted, of course, pea green. It was very hard to see - maybe all of the stores FH saw were all painted frog green and they just blend right into the landscape :)