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Monday, July 11, 2011

Greg and Mike's Excellent Adventure


There's a reason why Fisherhubby needs "Dreadful Penny." (That's what I call the voice on his GPS)

I'm just sayin'

Today Diane has been suffering with a fierce migraine so Greg and Mike decided to drive to Trego to get a charger for the boat batteries as the current one seemed to be on the fritz. I stayed home with Diane.

The adventurers arrived in Trego just fine, only to discover that the marina there didn't carry the right charger, so they decided to head to Hayward to get one.

For those of you NOT familiar with all these Wisconsin Northwoods places that I am bandying about like juggling balls, you may see a map here which will enlighten you. (Click on the (-) sign three times, center Trego on the far left side of the map - - - then all the places mentioned will be visible.)

Once in Hayward, charger in tow, they phoned me to ASK THE QUICKEST WAY BACK TO TREGO.

"Huh?" queried I. Can't you find your way back to Trego from Hayward since you just came from there?"

"Uh, we took 70," says Fisherhubby, "but it's a long story, I'll tell you when we get back."

"YOU TOOK 70!?!?" Yelp I, "Why in the world did you go to Spooner to get to Hayward from Trego?????"

"We DIDN'T go to Spooner, we went to 70." Says that boy I married.

"Well, you didn't go INTO TOWN but you bypassed it on 53 and went to the SOUTH end of Spooner to get on 70!" I replied very "gently." (HA!)

"NEVERMIND right now," says he. "Just tell me how to get back to Trego the SHORTEST way and I'll tell you all about it when we get back with dinner."

"You're in Hayward, why don't you just buy dinner there??"

"Nope - - - we want milkshakes from the Dinner Bell."

"OK - - - just get on 63 and take it ALL THE WAY TO TREGO. We've been coming up here for over 20 years, I canNOT believe you can't find Trego from Hayward."

I got off the phone, repeated this conversation to Kyle and Diane, and we all hooted and hollered, well Diane didn't holler - - - her head hurt too much - - - but you get the idea.

Then I e-mailed Sister Pam because this joke was just toooo good NOT to share.

She and HER hubby hooted and hollered way down in Florida - - - well I GUESS they hooted and hollered, I couldn't QUITE hear them all the way up here in the Northwoods.

No sooner was I finished e-mailing than my phone rang again.

"You won't believe this." says Fisherhubby. "We've locked ourselves out of the car in Trego. Diane has a spare key, can you bring it to us?"

And here they are - - - as they were when I arrived at the gas station in Trego.

Fisherhubby is making an obscene gesture at me, but I whited that right out. This IS a "G" rated blog after all.

Honestly - - - we can't let those boys out in public!!!!

PLEASE check that map - - - you NEED to see it to believe it.



Erin said...

Bwahaha! I love the combination of obscene gesture and big smile. Funny!

Diana Lesjak said...

Dreadful Penny ~ Ha... we call her Judy Garmin! You saved the day Keetha!

Keri said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Oh how I love you guys. :)

Barb said...

Ah-hhh the Dinner Bell. Many a chicken dinner there on our way from Rice Lake and Cameron back to Poplar after the cattle auctions... Every Weds during the summers with my grandparents.

Pam said...

How did they find their way to Hayward? I have a hard time believing that Greg would KNOW that 27 would take him there after NOT KNOWING the quickest route between Trego & Hayward!

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I think every married couple has had THAT conversation about directions. Fisher hubby is funny.

I love the name of one of the businesses on the map Smileys Repair Unlimited.

Anita Johnson said...

I'm glad you got a photo of this adventerous pair. I did look at the map...I have been there too. I love what you did in your basement...just perfect, but the bear outside would scare me to death!

Ann in the UP said...

Thank Goodness for Dreadful Penny! You would spend more time in the car than you spend at home otherwise.

GoodGuy does get lost occasionally, but when it really matters----like when we have to be somewhere on time, he checks the route ahead of time. I hope FB's "explanation" was a really good one! I can't wait for that post!

Our Garmin voice is "Margot".

Anonymous said...

you are a good wife and I think driving around helps you learn new plsces.
we have pikes peak mountain so I always know thats west, its my compass, one I get into other towns or stated I am totally backwards

Theresa said...

Oh how funny:) Those fellas! Good of you to rescue them TWICE! Enjoy your day dear Keetha, HUGS!

lilmomma said...

Hahaha! Sounds like my hubby. We've missed whole weddings before (arriving only in time for the reception!) because of his "shortcuts" thru the country. Haha.

tinajo said...

Hahahaha - too funny! :-D

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's hysterical!

Carolyn said...

Loved this post!! I needed to laugh tonight!!

podso said...

So funny... you just keep us laughing. Hope your vacation is going nicely. I always like your change of header pictures!