Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

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Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday in My (Vacation) City


We interrupt our regularly scheduled bloggy plans to bring you these vacation "clips."

Back home in Wisconsin Rapids I have PLENTY of photos/post ideas up my virtual sleeve, but I just don't want to use up all my lovely vacation time CREATING posts, so here's my plan.

We are UP NORTH (that's what our fellow Wisconsinites call it) for the next two weeks basking in some HOT sunny weather, enjoying quaint village shopping, reading, looking for full-size black bears, and fishing. No, I do NOT fish, but "you-know-who" does.

Though Brunhilda and Borris are front and center in this vacation city shot - - - they are NOT up here with us this year. For the next two weeks they are home alone enjoying their freedom from the terror and fear of Fisherhubby "abusing" them.

"Flat Maggie" came instead.

I'm sure you will hear/see from her again later this week.

In order to conserve my vacation hours for, you know, VACATION - - - my blogging "PLAN" this year is one post of one vacation picture per day.

Rules are made to be broken, at least SOMEONE said so, therefore I do not guarantee ONLY one one-vacation-picture-post a day - - - but THAT IS MY PLAN.

So, lets get started:

Today's excitement. A "glob" of hot, melty, tar glued tightly to the front tire of the car Diane and I were driving "home" from town after feasting at a lovely brunch buffet.

Mike is slaving away trying to rid the tire of the "glob" that was giving the Jeep passengers the "shimmey-shake."

Diane has at LEAST struck a "helpful pose."

Fisherhubby appears to be sipping his coffee and dreaming of a lake full of fish "back at the ranch," so to speak.

And I??? I'm busy dreaming up this blog post, of course!!!


Thanks to Unknown Mami for hosting
"Sundays in My City"
To which I am linking this post.
Today my city is Hayward, Wisconsin



Claudya Martinez said...

Excellent vacation plan. Enjoy yourself. said...

Sticky tar stuff, bummer. Gonna miss the bears, but have a great vacation!

Ann in the UP said...

Looking forward to the saga of Flat Maggie! It'll be worth the wait.

Unknown said...

Sounds like an excellent plan, have a great vacation.

★Carol★ said...

I've spent the last few minutes enlarging these pictures, trying to figure out which town you're in "Up North"! When we were up there a few weeks ago, we had internet at our cabin for the very first time. I have to say that it felt weird......