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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Hate to Vacuum

I HATE to vacuum.

I think part of it is that I KNOW how to vacuum correctly - - - "Beulah" (my mom) saw to that! Furniture needs to be moved. Attachments need to be attached. Corners and crevices need to be suctioned free of lint, dust, dirt, and bugs.

I HATE it.

It doesn't help that I am NOT friends with Dyson.

Fortunately for me, Fisherhubby is friends with Dyson. He actually enjoys vacuuming.

Maybe because he's not laboring under the "Beulah" rules.

Oh, he attaches and glides under things. But he doesn't see the need to move furniture except on rare occasions like when the Pope is coming to visit. And since the Pope rarely visits - - -

He is happy and I am happy because I didn't have to face the Dreaded Dyson.

But the Dreaded Dyson needs to be faced TODAY and Fisherhubby is toiling away in the ER.

I'm sitting here, at home, at my lappy, playing.

I'm not a rocket scientist - - - but I think even I can connect THESE dots.

It's Dreaded Dyson time for me.

The End!



Anne said...

I HATE to vacuum too...and I'm also anal like you in how to vac...but I pay for it in the end with a sore back which lays me up for a day or two. Vac'ing sucks!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a visit from the Pope either! What's up????

My pet peeve is dusting. ECH and ECH! Makes me sneeze and puts me in a bad mood. And it's totally dusty the next day.

So, between you and me ~ we'd never make the MERRY MAID team!!

There are other fish to fry, so's to speak!


j said...

So now, due to that last photo, I have an image of Keetha sitting on the couch with grapes and fan, saying "You missed a spot honey." while ogling your fella.

I'd ogle Bryan if he would do chores too :)

Theresa said...

Well, if all I had to do today was vacuum... I would be SOOOOO happy! I am dusting and doing so much cleaning! I wish I had a Dyson! Years ago, I bought a Rainbow, it is awesome but the biggest pain in the butt EVER! So, I use lots of other means to clean my floors and seldom ever drag that pain in the butt out!

Enjoy your day my friend! Pretend the Dyson is your new best friend:) HUGS!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry you have to face that today. I have been blessed to have my daughter vacuum for me. I have a Dyson that I love but got a self-propelled Hoover for myself which makes it a lot easier for me.

Anke said...

How about I come vacuum for you, but you come down here and clean my bathroom. That's the chore I truly despise...

Ann in the UP said...

You are a stitch! If I had to vacuum Beulah's way, we'd never get it done around here. I vacuum Flylady's way. Housework done incorrectly is better than nothing. Nothing's gonna be Perfect for long, and don't sweat it.

Good Guy NEVER vacuums, but he cooks and buys the groceries. Good enough for me.

LV said...

I am not fond of vacuuming either. But I will take it any day over mopping. Wish I had a friend like this.

Vickie said...

Steve is a much better at vacuumer than I. But I must admit I don't vacuum well for a reason. I'm not dummy!! I will plead bad vacuumer if someone else offers to do it "right". I was just wondering does that last picture match the caption under it? The end? ha!

Holly said...

I think men like to vacuum because it's basically a machine. You have to plug it in and it has a motor. Vroom! Vroom!