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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who Said This Would Be Fun????


I'm talking about this unpacking and settling in thing - - - someone said it would be fun.

They lied.

Well, at least I don't find it very fun. But, before I talk about that - - - let's look at a little bit of nature.

This is our cute little, well actually he's pretty BIG for a squirrel, neighborhood jet black squirrel. When I talked about him earlier this week, someone said they had never seen a black squirrel and wondered if I could capture his portrait.

Voila!!! Meet Mr. Black Squirrel.

I hope he has a wife and we'll be seeing some little miniature black squirrels in the spring.

Now about this nesting thing. I have opened countless boxes - - -

And cleaned up enough of this to build a life size Washington Monument out of paper mache! And to me that is not fun.

There is a little bit to show for all this effort, at least I see some progress. See what you think.

The bowl and pitcher appeared, as if by magic, on the washstand. The bed has been made with a new "bedding bundle" from that lovely designer shoppe, Wal-Martay. A picture has been hung and some decor pillows have been flung about the decor.

The mirror has been attached to the dresser in the computer room and another installed in the hall. We love to look at ourselves. ;-)

Fiesta Ware is looking festive in and on the pie safe. Great Aunt Daisy's green depression glass cream and sugar have taken up residence with the Fiesta Family.

Mr. Swan is gaily swimming on the Oak Pond. He was a 50th Anniversary gift to my maternal grandparents from my Aunt Doris. He's been hidden away in the pantry for years and is very excited to be back on the old Oak Pond.

Foster Block pedestal glases, ice cream sundae dishes, and Boopie have moved into the penthouse.

French Haviland fine bone china now lives on the middle floor. They are HOPING those glasses don't stomp around and make too much noise on the ceiling. The Haviland china has a story - - - perhaps in another post - - -

Plain old Mildred, from Wards, moved in with her whole crew on the ground floor. Again, there's a story there for another post.

The dressing table, cleverly disguised as a dining room buffet, is sporting several choice pieces. A few more will join them later.

A child's tea set, small bowl and pitcher, and a couple of sundry items have moved into this little cabinet in the bedroom.

Sundry, isn't that a fun word???? Makes me want to say it a few more times. Sundry. Sundry.

For my LAST project of the day, I began putting books on the book shelf. Some of these books had been in a box in the garage for multiple years. They had begun growing mold. Here you see them stacked about on the floor drying after I carefully cleaned them.

Now, have we made any progress??? Well - - - I'll let you see for yourself:

If you scan down a post or two, you will see the condition of our garage BEFORE the "fun" we didnt' have today.

Now, if you aren't toooooo bored by all of this - - - check back another day to see if we finish unpacking, or if we leave some boxes in the garage for ANOTHER 7 years like we did in our Mairon home.

Oh, I kid you NOT about that 7 year bit.

Ta Ta For Now.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think you have made some amazing progress. Keep going on. Love the photo of the black squirrel.

Theresa said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, PROGRESS? Yes, you made great progress! I love it, love it, love it:) Kick your feet up and get some rest my friend! Tomorrow is another day! HUGS!

Ann in the UP said...

Unaccustomed as I am to using superlatives, (snicker), you are the Dang Wonder Woman of moving. It would take me weeks to have my place looking so good.

Rest without guilt. You're doing Great!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy are FAST!!!!
The beds made, the china put away, the pillows fluffed, and the books ready to be stacked.

CUTE place you have. Doesn't it feel good to have tackled unpacking right away, so that you can enjoy your new home?

We have black squirrels here in CO and they are called ABERT squirrels. Wonder if that is a cousing to one here????

Welcome home! You'll be cooking delish dinners in your new kitchen soon!


ain't for city gals said...

Everything is looking so have the hard part done...take your time with the rest of the unpacking.

Pam said...

I am impressed - you've done all of that unpacking, arranging & picture hanging AND had time to take pics & post a blog about it! With Kelly 400 miles away, your carefully positioned accessories may even stay put.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you DO have the energy! Looks great so far and now you've got me saying sundry...

Vickie said...

Wow! I love what you've done with the place!!

podso said...

Everything looks in order--at least from the camera're making great progress. A garage is a wonderful friend in such times, isn't it?

Joy Tilton said...

What are you taking to give you this much energy...I want some! The house looks amazing and you have done a bang up job decorating. Maybe you need to write a how to book on moving in your spare time???

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

You are moving along a quite a quick pace there - I'm impressed...and I love all the sundry items scattered about....and the sundry items in your garage looks like my basement! sundry sundry....makes me want to have a sundae...with butterscotch sauce...

Erin said...

Looks great! I like the dressing table as buffet - very clever!

42N said...

You are a fast unpacker. I still have boxes of stuff from our last move 12 years ago. I bet yoiu are happy to be in the land of the Badgers.

From the Kitchen said...

Glad to hear that you are almost settled. I was born and raised in the same house but since my marriage, we have relocated from D.C. to La Jolla, CA to Lubbock, TX to Charleston, SC to here. Each move has been compliments of Uncle Sam coming in and packing us up and transporting us and all our stuff. It is still a difficult job!

As for the soup, try it--you won't recognize the pumpkin in the dish but it lends a subtle tastiness. The container is from the Ball jar folks and is great in the freezer. I have them in two sizes (one is 8 oz) and use them all the time.

Wisconsin is a lovely state. One of my best friends (from Charleston) now lives in Fond du Lac and I visit her every other summer.

Happy unpacking!


Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow, you are making FAST progress. I spy my loveseat AND pillow in your living room.

Your Football Cave looks great -- needs some afghans I think to cozy it up -- I want one of those pictures of your slippered feet sticking out of the blanket some Sunday while you are watching 20-year olds bang heads on TV.

My daughters, who went to small colleges, are at big sports schools now -- Rutgers and USC -- and it's a whole new world. Alida, who never went to a football game as an undergrad, has season tickets to USC's and loves it.

I'm rambling. took a quick (hah!) break from painting and am perusing stuff I missed, like your last few days. But I have to get back or my paint will be all icky and my brush will have turned into a hairy beige sculpture.

Have FUN .... think of all the unpacking as if it is Christmas morning ... ho ho ho... Cass