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Friday, November 12, 2010

Pretty Little Places Along The Way


This week I used my camera to try to capture some of the pretty little places I saw on my way hither and yon about our new home town.

You may have noticed this in my blog header, but I wanted to include it here because I am so enjoying seeing it each time I pass by - - - which is FREQUENTLY since it is smack dab on my way to lots 'o places I go.

And at the very same spot, but on the other side of the road - - -

Is this working water wheel. Now, by working I do not mean that it is grinding Little Red Hen's wheat - - - I don't think it's doing any menial task. Rather I mean it is rotating as the water pours through it.

This is the pond which is feeding the water wheel. I imagine a small creek runs through here which has been dammed to create this peaceful vista.

This is my very favorite type of pine. They tower above other trees into the sky and their irregular silhouette fascinates me. They are the signature pine in this area.

I wish I could install "scratch and sniff" on my blog so you could enjoy their piney aroma.

Man. Dog. Lake. What could be better?

Pines, water, sky.

Our town is on the banks of the Wisconsin River, thus the name Wisconsin Rapids. This is the mighty Wisconsin as seen to the south side of the expressway bridge.

And this is the Wisconsin to the north side of the same bridge. When I was in high school, we called this island in the middle of the river Mead Island after the family that lived there. I need to find out if it still bears that name and if any of the Meads still exist there.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is absolutely beautiful.

Martin LaBar said...

It is a pretty spot. Lovely little footbridge.

Erin said...

I hope that blog scratch and sniff is invented soon!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Just Gorgeous Keetha!
Well it sure got nasty here. It's raining like crazy and cold too.

Theresa said...

Gorgeous pictures dear Keetha! I think these could be framed or made into greeting cards! Hope you are having a happy Saturday in your new home! HUGS!

Angie said...

Don't you know you're supposed to be curled up on the couch, crying your eyes out, because you haven't got any friends...and hubby FORCED you to go back to Wisconsin...and it's OK for him, he has his work...and BOO HOO etc etc?

What a glorious place you live in....enjoy!

From the Kitchen said...

It must be a pleasure to be out and about town with that kind of scenery to view!

To answer your question about the library funding: It is being funded through bonds (we also have money saved and the present library and Carnegie Library will be sold). The bonds, of course, will be repaid through our funds that we get primarily from property taxes. The average cost per $250,000 home will be about $27.00 additional per year--the cost of a hardback book. Our present library is small and outdated. It is well used and well loved by the community. The new library is around 50,000 SF. The old library is around 30,000 SF. Parking is almost non-existent which isn't a good thing for many elderly who use it. Many meetings were held for the public and not one person remonstrated against the new building.

Have a great weekend.


From the Kitchen said...

I forgot to ask--which team are you rooting for today? Indiana or Wisconsin??

= )


Tonja said...


Love the Man, Dog, Lake! that's worthy of framing!

Ann in the UP said...

Great pictures indeed! I really like your vista with the footbridge. Weather-wise, we woke to snow on the ground and roofs this morning but the rain has now flushed it all away. It's hovering around 34 degrees at 10am.

Glad I don't have to sit outdoors to watch any football today!

Paula@SweetPea said...

Beautiful! I wish I really could smell those pines through my monitor.

Lori R. said...

your pics are just beautiful... would love to see the same pics after a snow....

Kristin - The Goat said...

You've got some beautiful places to see each day. :)

Kristin - The Goat

j said...

Keetha, those views are stunning. It is so different from what I see everyday! I wonder if you will get to the point that you don't see it anymore. Bryan drives across Mobile Bay everyday and he has stopped noticing the view.

I haven't EVER seen a pine tree like that one. Cool!