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Monday, November 1, 2010

This Post's for You, Pam!!!


But the rest of you may take a "peek" too if you wish!

Sister Pam asked me for pictures of our little duplex so she can picture us in her mind as we are moving in. We are sisters, but we have moved to opposite "poles" as it were - - - she to southern Florida, and me to central Wisconsin.

Welcome to our home. Walk on up to the front door, ring the bell, come in and sit a spell. Well, wait a couple of days until our furniture is in or there won't be any place to sit - - - but you get the idea.

This is our back patio. I'm sure we will enjoy sitting here in the warm weather - - - we had frost on the pumpkin this morning, so no patio sitting for us today!

As you enter the house from the garage, this is the view of the kitchen. On the wall to the left, up toward the cabinets, I hope to put Grandpa Butcher's table with two chairs and I hope my church pew will fit down into the hallway closer to the back door.

This is the view of the back door (into the garage) when standing at the kitchen cabinets. The door on the left is the laundry room, the one on the right is a "run through" closet shared with the living room.

Laundry room.


I didn't notice when we first found this duplex that the laundry room was also a half bath. I feel like this is a bonus and a gift!!!

Brunhilda and Borris came out of hibernation in their purse conveyance today. They loved this corner of the counter, they stayed there overnight.

Standing where the dining room table will be, looking into the kitchen.

Can you see the grocery bag hanging on the left???? It is hanging on the doorknob of the door to the basement.

Looking into the living room from the dining room. Fisherhubby is pulling fishing line out of the vacuum cleaner. Now I wonder WHO left fishing line where the vacuum would pick it up??????? Hmmmmmm?????

Looking into the dining room from the living room.

Looks like Fisherhubby got the Dyson going!

Bathroom. Brunhilda and Borris' cousin has already moved in.

Piney view out the front door and across 1st Street.

Private back yard with a deciduous fence row. We saw a jet black squirrel playing in these trees this afternoon.

Vista down the length of the back yard.



Pam said...

Thanks Sister! I like it - it is much more spacious than I envisioned after you started wondering where you would put everything. I think that you will settle in quite cozily, and you even have a bit of a piney view to boot!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Keetha this is very nice! How long to you plan to live here?

Vickie said...

Thanks for posting these pictures for your sister so we can all see where you live now. It looks really nice! Not as small as I thought it was going from your description. Now you'll have to post when you get it all decorated and put together. Did you bring your cats?

grammy said...

Thanks for sharing. It is bigger than I too expected. Looks like ample kitchen cabinets. Might be nice to have less space & you'll be organized in no time. Looks like it's been well cared for.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Looks like you've got some mighty happy bears hanging out in your place already :) Thanks for the tour!

Kristin - The Goat

KathyB. said...

So much to do, and so much new decorating for us to see. A jet black squirrel? I have never seen one before. Did you get a picture of it? ( ha ha )

ain't for city gals said...

You will make it your home in no time...

Erin said...

It's wonderful! Lots of natural light and it looks so clean! You'll have it feeling like home in no time!

Theresa said...

Thank you for the tour! I think you have chosen a comfy new home! I hope you and fisherhubby will get some furniture soon so I can come in and sit a spell:)

Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Tonja said...

I love the house! It is neutral enough that you can really put your own stamp on it. And, it seems as if there is lots of room! I had such fun decorating and placing furniture when we moved here to the creekhouse. Bet you'll have fun, too!