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Thursday, November 4, 2010

And Keetha Said - - -


"Let there be light."

And behold, lamps were flung from the boxes in the nether regions of the garage

And were settled in the four corners of the duplex where they shed their radiance for all to see.

And Keetha was well pleased when she saw that it was all good, but she was heard to mutter under her breath, "Why can't they be cordless?"

Amazing what a difference taking all the empty boxes and newspapers to recycling made in the garage! Perhaps tonight is the night my car can come in out of the cold.

No, I did NOT ask Fisherhubby for permission to take or post this picture.



Ann in the UP said...

Ahh, yes, light. Tis the season for lots of lamps.

Especially since UP north just now we are having what is euphemistally called, "a wintry mix". Wind, rain, and visible white stuff in the air. Brr. Tony the cat, and I are afghanned in on the couch, checking on our friends out there in blog-land.

Theresa said...

Oh lights all over the place! YEAH! AND when you are showing Fisherhubby's cute butt... never ask for permission! Just like yesterday when I posted Mr. Ganky jogging, I only told him afterwards:)

Love you new home!

shannon i olson said...

looks very cozy. hope your settled before the cold snow blows!

podso said...

You are funny! And the garage is getting bigger! Isn't amazing how cozy lamps can make a home?

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hehe Keetha!
I can't believe you added that cute butt arrow!
The duplex is looking quite homey!
It's cold today! Yikes, hope your car can snuggle in that garage tonight!

KBeau said...

Can't believe you've even got stuff hanging on the walls. WTG!!

Martin LaBar said...

Maybe you will get that car in by tonight. There may be snow flurries in nearby regions in North Carolina tonight.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Lamps make it home! Oh and a cute butt from fisherhubby isn't bad either!!

j said...

Love the tone of this! Let there be light indeed.

No comment on the cute butt picture but I will say "Thanks for sharing!" ;)

Unknown said...

Love your let there be light post! It would be so handy if lamps were wireless. That way you could put one wherever you needed it and not worry about the plug ins and the unsightly cords. Nice picture--that last one!

Vickie said...

love the lamps! I can't believe how fast you work girl! Are you on medication to help you accomplish this work?

Angie said...

You must have been like a mini-tornado to get it so STRAIGHT - not to mention homey in such a short time. And I've often thought that about wires too! I prefer soft glows rather than harsh glares though so you do your best don't you? I do love your furniture too..........oooh it's NICE to be nosey!

Janet, said...

Love your lamps, especially the round globe one. Your garage looks nice and neat compared to ours.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Love that last picture. Our poor hubbies. Blog fodder.

I realized a few years ago that you never see lamp cords dangling down in magazine pictures. What do they do with them? Airbrush them out like cellulite on a centerfold?

I've got them dangling all over the place. I once tried attaching them "discreetly" to the backs of table legs, but then you can't move the lamps because they are -- attached!

So, they dangle. Everybody's got something that dangles, right?

The house is shaping up nicely! Love the red car in its cozy garage. All ready for SNOW.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Light are very important! Love the butt shot.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Clap on, clap off, clap on, clap off, the clapper! That doesn't solve the cord issue, but it was fun to sing :)

Billy Goat :)