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Monday, November 8, 2010

And Then THEY Came and Hauled Us Away to the Pokey - - -

For failing to comply with city ordinance 7.11.

OK - - - so they didn't really haul us to the pokey. But we DID break city ordinance 7.11.

Seems our brand spankin' new trash container has a 45 gallon capacity. In this town, the largest capacity allowed is 32 gallons or 75 pounds. If we don't comply, there will be a fine - - - or we're going to the pokey.

We got a bright orange notice on our empty trash bin which told us so. (I said the pokey part, they didn't.)

Funny thing - - - we BOUGHT that trash container right here in this little ole city and there was nary a notice in the STORE about size compliance.

At least I must have done the recycling right - - - no bright orange notice there.


I'm not buying a new trash can, we'll just haul out a nice little bag of trash that weighs substantially LESS than 75 pounds. So basically, we'll increase our trash since INSIDE that bag will still be our small bags from our indoor trash cans.

But no one's back will be broken.

This was the fire-in-the-sky sunset I enjoyed from my blogging station last evening.

There are no fines in this town for enjoying the sunset - - - at least not that I know of YET.



Anonymous said...

Don't you wonder about "rule people"? I think they have WAY too much time on their hands. But your solution is a good COULD put in some old stinky stuff inside!!!! Bad me.......

Your sunset is breathtaking.....looks like a postcard. Lucky you!


From the Kitchen said...

If you do get sent to the "pokey" post some pictures--especially of the meals!!


Tricia said...

Well, glad to know that you are not typing this from the pokey. Now please learn to behave yourselves. I mean, seriously. ;)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

So they sell this large can there because? Why so you can come back and get another smaller can. Glad you will just put out the bag and let them pick it up!! No Pokey for you!!!

Life As I Know It said...

Ugh. What a pain. Now you have to go buy a new garbage can?

Pam said...

Having recently visited your new/old hometown, I feel qualified to say that there are several areas wherein energy spent trying to improve quality of life and aesthetics in general could reap much greater rewards than spending it staying on top of the size of dumpters at the curb, particularly if said dumpster is only visible a few hours each and every week! However, having said that, rules are rules, but you've gotta know 'em to abide by them.

Pam said...

PS: Gorgeous sunset - can't improve upon God's handiwork!

Anonymous said...

Sunset is awesome, we have beautiful ones here in the Valley in the fall too! As for rules and politics and taxes...don't get me started.

Ann in the UP said...

Happy to see that you are starting off on the right foot in your life of crime in a new community.

It warms the heart! Beautiful sunset picture, too.

Theresa said...

Oh, I was about to get in my car and come rescue you from the pokey! They better not even yell at you or I'm a'coming to whoop some hineys:) It does seem that the store should have a sign that says, "Buy this can and you will get your can in trouble"!

Have a blessed day in your new home AND THAT SUNSET IS GORGEOUS!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You would think someone could have told you at the store! Live and learn, don't you hate that! Great picture.

podso said...

Our town supplies a roll out can that works with their fancy new garbage truck. It looks just like that one.

Vickie said...

That's crazy! Who ever heard of such a rule? I can hear it now. "What are ye in for?" "Uh my trash can was too big." Seriously!

KathyB. said...

Shame on you for not knowing the rules even though they are not published anywhere. You know the truth, "ignorance of the law is no excuse". I was thinking to myself 'Posts From The Pokey' had a catchy title. Now you won't be able to use it.Oh well, at least you'll be able to enjoy sunsets from your posting station.

Lori R. said...

Cities sure get caught up in the details don't they! Did they tell you what color of a trash can to get too? Your sunset pic is so pretty... you sure have a wonderful view out your window...

Angie said...

Well, the pokey would be a new experience - I suppose it would anyhow. Plenty of blog fodder there. Now I WANT IT KNOWN that I will gladly contribute a little something towards the bail fund.

j said...

Well you probably wouldn't be the first person to go the the pokey for trashy behavior :)

Anonymous said...

I would try to return it and shame on them for not having a BRIGHT ORANGE sign letting you know of this stupid rule! grrrrrrrrrrr

Holly said...

Ahhhh, it's a free country until someone takes away your right to have whatever garbage can you darn well please.

Heh, kidding!

Some of the municipalities here have very strict garbage rules. In our city, everyone who moves here is told to leave their trash by the side of the house and the sanitation people will come get it for you. After a few weeks, you realize that is a BIG LIE. You put it out at the curb like everyone else, and then you have to go get your can from your neighbor's yard because it's been thrown or blown by the wind.

Kristin - The Goat said...

You'd better make sure you can have bagged trash outside without being contained. In one of my former communities they wouldn't pick up anything that wasn't in the bin.

The pokey lolol!!

Kristin - The Goat

Martin LaBar said...

Several important people have written great works while in jail, such as St. Paul, John Bunyan and Martin Luther King.

Anonymous said...

We don't even have re-cycle pickup at our house so we have to separate it and take it to a re-cyle station a few miles away. AND, even at the station they just started accepting glass containers. Don't they know this is 2010??