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Sunday, September 19, 2010

UPDATED: Wherein Fisherhubby and Miss Keetha Say, "Maybe Later" to Their Dream House


I know some of you, like me, don't really read word for word so I thought I'd make the end of this post CLEAR right at the beginning.

Here it is, the house I'm calling Piney Place, the house we had to love and leave:

As you can see from the grass - - - or weeds - - - in the yard, no one has been here in a while.

We were originally told it was a foreclosure, so our hopes SOARED that deals could be made - - - reasonable rent could be set. We HOPED we could move in as renters and end up as buyers when our house in Indiana sells.

All those hopes were crushed - - - for the time being.

The house is NOT in foreclosure,

But for reasons beyond our control,

It's not going to be possible for us at this time.

Still - - - as we looked around inside,
this is the view as you walk in the front door, I must admit we were SORELY tempted to find a way to make it ours.

It is a house we could love. Probably until we are carried feet first into a nursing home.

Looking into the kitchen from the dining area.

The price they are asking is just too high for this time in this town in this market, and certainly too high for old folks like us who still have a mortgage in some far away Indiana town!

So, we dragged ourselves away - - - sighing and crying as we went - - - to find a simpler solution. Something more like a basic rental.

I just can't believe they will sell this place at the price they are asking. Perhaps if we rent a little basic rental and WAIT until our house sells - - - we will have more bargaining ability to BUY this house later when they are really ready to let go of it.

Meet Basic Rental:

Sorry folks, I FORGOT to take a picture of basic rental, so I found this one at It is nearly the same style as ours, only ours has single car garages and no nice little "turn-arounds" in the driveway.

What we have here is called a duplex, as in TWOPLEX.

We will be on the left hand side. It comes complete with kitchen appliances, full dry usable basement, shady back yard, lawn care, snow removal, and a one car garage.
Ours isn't quite this fancy-smancy - - - but it IS clean, freshly painted, carpet shampooed, and reasonably priced.

Oh, and we LOVED the landlady - - - very important, you know!

It's less than five minutes from the hospital.

It's only about two blocks from our friend's house - - - thank you, Jim, for FINDING this for us.

It's empty and available right now.

So - - - we said, we'll take it!

Whew - - - we will have a roof over our heads, and not a camper roof in negative 20 degree winter weather.

Stay tuned for further moving updates soon - - - -

(For those who noticed this is an edited post - - - I realized in the night Friday that I was telling more than was mine to tell, so I did extensive editing and reposted.)



Coloradolady said...

Wow....Keetha, the trees in the back of that house...looks like a but sorta spooky too....but beautiful too!

Glad you found a place...once you get settled it will be alright!

I am sure you are bone tired!!

Unknown said...

Ah, sad that your dream house is not meant to be. For Now. But the Lord hassomething better in store!!!

Maria said...

Think postive. Your house WILL sell and then you can buy your dream home???
Your basic rental looks great,clean and you will be warm and dry.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Ahh Keetha,
You know it just kills me about the prices. It's the same in BRF. There are homes so overly priced in this market and this dinky little town. I don't know what their thinking but you're right it won't sell at the over-inflated price. Hang tight because later you may buy it for a song.

Ann in the UP said...

Sigh----I'm glad you have that settled! Big relief!

ann said...

It'll be great to be settled. And, by the way, we had to say goodbye to two houses we thought were "the one" before finding your family's house on Nebraska St. God will provide.

KBeau said...

Moving is really a pain. When we came to Birmingham from Texarkana 21 years ago, the kids and I stayed behind to "sell the house." A year later, it still hadn't sold, so we reluctantly moved into an apartment.

When it did sell later that summer, LBeau and I decided that we wanted to build and to subcontract it ourselves. The only reason I agreed is because LBeau is a structural engineer.

So we bought a lot, LBeau drew the plans, we took a class on subcontracting your own home, and 2 1/2 years after moving to Birmingham, we left that tiny 3-bedroom apartment.

But it was a great experience and launched my building and remodeling career. The rest, as they say, is history.

Theresa said...

Oh cute house:( Wish it had worked out but the rental will work out too! I DO read every word! Have a blessed day with your new home! HUGS!

nancygrayce said...

I wish that could work out for y'all! It's a gorgeous house. Maybe your house will sell quickly and at a good price. This should be a buyer's market now, which would be bad and good for you!

Angie said...

Ah, duplex,,,,,,,semi detached we call it here. It looks ever so posh though.

Lynn said...

Keetha! I had to go back and read past blogs to see where I missed the fact that you are moving! Exciting! You know Scientists discovered that when they change lab rat's surroundings often the rats are smarter. I had my cage changed 5 years ago and it was a GOOD thing! Be happy, Smart Lady!!!!!

ain't for city gals said...

Probbly a good call, Keetha...sometimes it is a small world out there!

LV said...

I just knew one day you would say too much. That is because of you being a teacher I am sure. I am glad you found something that you can get settled in before winter. Moving is for the pits in my opinion.

grammy said...

So glad you found a place and looks really nice. Good location to hospital and so happy you are taking advantage of a brand new opportunity!!! Everyone hates moving but it will be exciting to meet new people and explore new sites. Doesn't that other house remind you of Orange River house?

Mimi said...

Some times God has a way of shutting doors we do not understand until much later, so I would count it as a Blessing for right now, the house you will move into will be YOUR HOME and some day maybe the dream home will be yours, don't count it out.
Have a Great day and thanks so much for writing!!

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to walk away from something you just fall in love with, isn't it? You can just feel yourself living there. You envision all your belongings set about and your feet up in the back yard looking out over the beautiful scenery and when WHAM-O back to reality. My husband has a very irritating habit of always saying, "Well, if there's one there will be another." It's really true but nonetheless irritating. It's good you have a roof over your head though and when you have money in hand "if there's one there will be another." (Irritating, right?)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you werent able to get the house, there is a reason for everything. Try to think of this journey you are taking as exciting and new. I cant wait to see what your new ventures will be. You have all of us following you on this journey, if only we could be there in person to hold your hand and comfort you in the stresses that come with this.
what awaits our friend?!

Alicia said...

I'm so sorry you weren't able to get that beautiful house...but you never know do you? I love all the trees!

linda t said...

OH MY GOSH Keetha!! I've spent the past hour catching up on your blog!
I am soooo jealous! But sooo happy for you!
Where do you have plans to buy... Wisconsin Rapids?
LOVE that area!
I'll for sure be following your every move... umm, pardon the pun :)

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

When it is supposed to shall. I hope it works out on the house you love, it truly is beautiful...and the lot, gorgeous! Although, maybe th eLord has something better in mind. LOve you!

Shannon said...

Well, you have such a good spirit! The perfect house is waiting for you, just not yet! It seems like a smart move until you sell your house. You will make it cozy and your own for the time being!

42N said...

I love the piney house. I hope you can work it out and get it or something similar. This economy is sloooooow - believe me I know firsthand!

Brenda said...

Ok, Keetha, somewhere along the line during my blog-visiting absence I have missed the whole moving thing and why. Would you mind directing me to the blog(s) I missed?
Hope you get the house of your dreams eventually!

groovyoldlady said...

Keetha, dearest...I'm sorry you missed out on your "dream" home, but I am so glad you got the rental for now. It sounds much nicer than many places I have lived!