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Friday, September 3, 2010

Socks of Pure Joy!!!!!


I do NOT knit. Not even one stitch.

So, I have drooled longingly over the homemade socks that my bloggy knitting friends have displayed in their various posts. I have been shocked and amazed at how MANY of you possess this very envied skill - - - knitting socks, and regularly knit them for yourselves, your children, and others.

I didn't even know people still DID that!!

I will even confess that I have WISHED someone would make me a pair. (And you may add to that line: and hinted so SHAMELESSLY and BROADLY that someone has finally taken pity on me if ONLY to shut me up!!!)

So imagine my SHOCK, SURPRISE, and JOY when THIS package arrived for me in the mail today.

I was giddy as a school girl - - - dancing around the kitchen, purring, and showing off my new prize to Fisherhubby.

He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "You're easily made happy, it would take a $350.00 rod and reel to make ME that happy!"

(And therein the REASON we women are more content than our counterparts - - - we know how to find PURE JOY in our SOCKS - - - and in other small comforts too!)

Anyway - - - back to my tale:

Seems that my friend Annie, shown here with me when we met live and in person in Wisconsin this summer, took great pity on me, the homemade sockless soul that I am, made and sent me this lovely warm pair of COLTS blue socks!!!

Though it has cooled down here to a LOVELY 74 degrees, it really isn't COLD enough yet for heavy knit socks. I didn't care - - - I put them RIGHT on my little size six and a halves anyway.

They felt AWESOME.

And this winter when we live on the arctic tundra of Wisconsin, I shall put them on my feet - - -

Put my feet in these little boots, and not caring whether the boots are the LATEST in tundra fashion or not, I shall WEAR them out and about in the snowy world with JOY, PRIDE, and WARMTH!!!!

Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH Miss U.P. Annie!!!!



shannon i olson said...

Way to go is cold in ND too! Lovely gift, wish winter wasn't coming but for now we shall enjoy fall.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

My friend made me a pair last winter...they are WONDERFUL...nothing like homemade sox

ain't for city gals said...

WOO HOO...perfect color!

podso said...

How very cool!
And they look snuggly and warm for your cold winters.

LV said...

You better be careful for you wish far. In this case, it turned out great.

nancygrayce said...

What a sweet thing your friend did for you! It never gets cold enough here for least for me, some of my more cold natured friends wear them. I would wear flip flops year round if I could! Some years here I can!

britt said...

i'm jealous, those look comfortable!

Pam said...

Love the socks; like the boots; like the socks in the boots; do not like the boots on your island countertop! hehe

Iowa Sunshine said...

i think socks make the BEST present -- giving comfort! love-love that color, too! yum!

Martin LaBar said...

Arctic tundra of Wisconsin? Haven't you heard of global warming?

Ann in the UP said...

It is Soooo satisfying to do a nice thing for you. You are a blessing as a gracious receiver. Looking forward to having you wearing them in Wisconsin.

Thanks for getting me to blog. I've spent a lot of time today reading Friday Fragmenters. I'm glad you'll find the socks useful.

Holly said...

What an awesome friend! Those socks look perfect. I didn't know people still knit socks either. I used to crochet as a kid but forgot everything I know.

Martin LaBar said...

Tundra is fine. I couldn't think of anything really intelligent to say.

Angie said...

Well, I can't say I never knitted in my life but both times it was under duress. I was thinking of giving it another go by knitting a tea cosy (you know, one of these cute little pullover things you put on the teapot or coffeepot to keep contents warm) but I wouldn't know where to find a pattern for one.

My Little Grandma used to knit socks but, not knowing any different, I thought her hands had sprouted little knittinng needles. There seemed to be hundreds per sock. And somehow or other she managed to knnit both socks at the same time! Clever huh?

Your socks though - they're the real thing! Gorgeous. You could DO WITH ANOTHER PAIR TOO so you got one on and one in the wash.

Theresa said...

Girl, you are so lucky to receive such a special gift! AND BLUE TOO! WOW! Love them and I know they are so comfy!

Enjoy your day, hopefully it is cool enough to wear your new socks!

ann said...

Those look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Well, lucky you!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a great gift. They are lovely and they look so cute sitting in your boots!

Kristin - The Goat said...

The best part of receiving a gift like this is knowing that the person on the other end was thinking about you :) I didn't realize that hand knit socks were so expensive. Sheesh, $350! Ha!

Staging the socks in the boots was priceless. I love it! That blue really looks good on you :)

Kristin - The Goat