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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Storms and WiFi in the Northwoods Neighborhood


WiFi forecast: Scattered. Comes in just long enough to drive me CRAZY trying to e-mail or do a blog post. So, I'm still coming into town for the IMPORTANT stuff.

Yesterday, we were just sitting down to eat a lovely brunch of bacon and scrambled eggs when a terrific wind storm blew up over the lake.

I was so terrified I FROZE in my tracks, thinking I could run and sit in the bathtub if need be. About that time, the wind seemed to be lessening, so I sat down and ate my eggs. I know what's important.

After brunch, when we looked out we saw trees down in the yard.

Not just branches, large portions of whole trees.

Kinda changed the landscape a bit.

I'm sure THIS ONE was aiming for my bright red shiny Durango. It missed.

Not to be deterred by a mere storm, the "boys" went out fishing and later we all blissfully headed into town - - - for the vacation MUST GO ON, don't'cha know!

In town we found that many of our favorite "haunts" had CLOSED for the day - - - seems that tornadoes striking and electricity going out will just about bring even the sturdiest of tourist towns to its knees.

Oh, but Karb's where we wanted to eat supper was open as usual.

Our delightful waitress, Holly, told us they stayed open through the whole storm - - - including two hours with no electricity. She said "we just served cold sandwiches and pop in cans. The only candles we had were little tea lights, so we had those all over the place."

Now THAT's the way to run a tourist town restaurant - - - the LUNCH must go on, don't'cha know?!?

We heard that the WORST of the damage was out by the Wesleyan Church, which is where my blogging buddy, Mark, is the pastor.

Like a pack of rubber-neckers, we headed out to see what was what. We weren't the ONLY ones of that sort in the neighborhood - - - there was a regular northwoods traffic jam out there.

The church was fine. But the property AROUND the church? Not so much.

Large trees were uprooted.

Others' trunks were snapped off like tooth picks. Pastor Mark said on his blog today that 17 truck loads of debris were carted away yesterday.

By the time I took these pictures, the clean up was already under way.

I don't think anyone was injured, but some houses across the street were damaged.

I guess vacation ISN'T going on for just everyone.

(Keri and Grammy - STOP worrying, we're just fine, I promise!)



Lori E said...

Glad you were okay. The blogging must go on. No stopping for tornadoes or earthquakes. Sissies.

Pam said...

Glad you survived unscathed - and your Durango as well! I wonder about Rapids - the weather map made it look like the worst of it passed through central WI.

Ann in the UP said...

You people are Intrepid in carrying on under dire circumstances! Glad you are all OK and planning to remain so. I wonder if tornadoes bumble up the fishing grounds too.

That's a powerful lot of tree damage to Hayward. Busy times for the clean-up crews.

Kristin - The Goat said...

You can't go anywhere without causing a ruckus. :) So glad that no one was hurt, but goodness the destruction is truly amazing.

Karbs sounds like a great choice - a hearty bunch :)

Kristin - The Goat

Angie said...

Listen, I am truly impressed. I think you're brave. Is the bathtub thingy sound advice and an accepted 'thing to do' when a storm hits?

Erin said...

Amazing how the view can change in just a few moments, isn't it?

grammy said...

Keri, I don't know about you but I was playing canasta all day with friends. Don't they think we have a life??? Greg & Keetha....who????

Tonja said...

I am such a scardy-cat during storms. I just hate them...even if it is just thunder and lightning. I have tried to get over it, but so luck. There was a very big storm here several days ago. I frantically looked for a 'safe' room to get in. Turns out the only room in this house with no windows is the laundry. So there I sat for about an hour. I lived to tell about it so that's good! :)

Loved the bear shopping story. How strange that must have been when they realized there was a bear in their store!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my :o
So glad you were safe.