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For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Northwoods Encounter of the Blogging Kind

Vacation updates:

Still no wifi at the cabin. Even on the dock. No amount of lappy dancing will help.

That would be this very dock - - - the one on yesterday's post was a google impostor.

The person on yesterday's post was also a google impostor, for those of you who thought it was actually me in disguise.

Thanks for the suggestion about shaving my beard. I wouldn't have thought of that without you.

This is not from google. This is the actual view from our actual deck on our actual lake in the actual northwoods of Washburn County, Wisconsin.

Jenny and I have completed three jig saw puzzles, getting ready to start the fourth.

I have finished reading one book and started a second.

Fisherhubby and Markie have caught more than 100 fish - - - probably upwards of 150. They would know the EXACT number right off the top of their very silly heads, but they are wasting their time and money at the moment in the MAN CAVE and can't be reached for number verification.

This does NOT mean we will be having a ginormous fish fry. Nary ONE of those fish has found its way into our kitchen and from thence into our tummies.

Fisherhubby practices catch and release.

I may not get a single solitary bite of fresh fish during our entire two week stay.

Other than the restaurant variety.

Enough of this Tom Foolery - - - time to get to the REAL stuff.

Yesterday I had a Northwoods Encounter of the Blogging Kind!!! U.P. Annie from UP North drove to Hayward to meet me for lunch and chatting.

Our cabin landlord was worried I would be meeting a seriel killer or kidnapper and would never be heard from again. Last night when he saw me out in the yard he expressed surprise that I had returned.

As you can see, Annie is none of those things, I was never in the least amount of danger, and I survived to write this post. (Aside - nonbloggers just don't "get" how wonderful our little blogging world is, do they? Facebook smacebook - - - it's got NADA for moi.)

Annie was a delight, as I knew she would be from reading her comments and e-mails. She just recently began her own blog, if you haven't yet checked it out please do so.

And now - - - until the next time I scare up some northwoods wifi, I bid you a fond ttfn.



Tonja said...

What beautiful scenery! I know that must be such a relaxing place. But, the no wi fi would be giving me fits!

Enjoy your time away!


Ann in the UP said...

Your Gull lake pictures are way more scenic than the Us Eating Lunch picture. I was concentrating on whether the waitress would be able to work your camera. I look like I could be a serial killer----but honest, I'm really not. I catch and release bugs! Sorry about the Wi-Fi. That's a revolting development! (To you old blogging pals of Keethas, she has the most radiant smile and lovely skin!!!)

We had a great time, and she even let me eat ice cream with her just watching! I'm ashamed of myself NOW! Please forgive me.

Kristin - The Goat said...

YAY!!! I was wondering when the two of you were going to meet up. I've been waiting for this post :) I'm so very happy for both of you.

It's probably a good thing that you have to travel a ways to get wifi. You might just sit on the end of that dock all day LOL

I still love my facebook, but blogging buddies are the best :)

Kristin - little goat

Brenda said...

I would love to vacation there. How beautiful!
So much fun meeting blogging friends. I've only been able to meet one and she's a dear sweetheart.

Martin LaBar said...

The lake is beautiful!

If fisherhubby practices catch and release, how does he know he hasn't caught the same fish a hundred or so times?

kyooty said...

everything looks beautiful. I'm so excited you got to meet someone. I haven't met any bloggers yet in person, but they are some friendly people.
I have though met some new FB people too, I'm kind of open like that, more then I thought I was?

As for the fish? if they aren't in pics? then I really don't think he's catching anything but sun and flies. LOL

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, how I wish I were on that trip with you - I just love the view out your cabin. That's my kind of country!

I'm glad you got to meet a fellow blogger. I'm looking forward to meet one of mine - don't know who or when, but I'm sure it'll happen some day ;-)

Enjoy your vacation and happy fishin'

Unknown said...

Lappy Dancing??? Haha!