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For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Eclectic Bits - - - AKA This Blog's Speciality!!!


EB #1

This is my paternal grandmother when she was about sixteen. Isn't she pretty? I WANT that dress and headband.

I can't get over how much she looks like her youngest daughter, my beloved Aunt Kitty.

EB #2

When we arrived home from vacation on Monday, THIS package was waiting for me in the mail!!!!

I KNEW as soon as I saw it what it was, and let me tell you I was EXCITED about digging into it!!!

Here's a little "sneak peek" into the packaging. Can you guess what it is?????

It's little Miss Makena, and she has traveled all the way from Finland to make her home with me!!!! She is my new love.

One of my bloggy friends, Ulla, who lives in Finland makes rag dolls of all races for UNICEF which are then adopted by families all over the world. She recently posted a photo of her latest group of kids.

I fell in LOVE with Makena.

Ulla, out of the GRACIOUSNESS of her heart, went and retrieved Makena from the UNICEF store, and facilitated my adoption of her.

And here she is, happy and contented in her new American home - - - my dining room. Oh yes, she WILL be moving to Wisconsin with us.

EB #3

Indulge me here for just a minute.

KORIE NAE - - - this photo is for YOU so you can see how GORGEOUS your mumsie is in the lovely necklace you gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Well, maybe I SHOULD say how GORGEOUS the necklace is on your plain little ole mumsie.

EB #4

My first KAMMA KAMP!!!

I noticed on several of YOUR blogs that you have grandma camp with your grans from time to time.

What a LOVELY idea, thought I.

Tuesday evening I had my first opportunity to run Kamma Kamp for several hours.

What FUN we had.

We walked.

We played on the deck.

We ate popcorn.

And we colored with MARKERS. Don't panic - - - they were washable.

Oh, and VERY IMPORTANT, we had STICKERS on our forheads.

Stickers are cool - - - even my high schoolers loved it when I passed them out, and THEY are the ones who taught me that stickers are even cooler when worn on the forhead.

And just see how little Miss Piper WEARS the sunglasses that Kamma gave her at Kamma Kamp!!

What a little ham.

Must tell a Piper story:

Before her mama left her at Kamma Kamp, she felt that Piper needed some discipline and made her stand in a corner. Oh yes, this darling little child has her diva side.

Keri walked her to the corner of my kitchen cabinets and made her stand there with her nose in the crack. As Keri walked away, this precious, adorable, sugar sweet child made the loudest, angriest, "yeeeeehgh" you've ever heard.

Oh yes she did!

She's still adorable to her Kamma.

EB # 5

One of my dearest high school friends, Cindy, with whom I am still in touch, sent me this "view" of the Wisconsin River when she heard that I'm moving back "home."

Perhaps in three months I will have a view something like this.

Oh - - - it's the Wisconsin River in case you didn't GUESS that from the name of the town, Wisconsin RAPIDS!

And that, my dear bloggy buds is all she wrote for tonight - - - -



Debby@Just Breathe said...

EB#1 Your grandmother is beautiful.
EB#2 Miss Makena is adorable.
EB#3 The necklace is perfect and you look great in that color.
EB#4 Adorable and camp sounds like it was fun!
EB#5 Peaceful place to live :)

Kristin - The Goat said...

Stickers on your forehead - a hoot! The necklace is stunning with that shirt and of course that winning smile :) It looks like almost everyone dressed in the creamy colors, in the first photo, had lace in their dresses. How very interesting. OH and I hadn't noticed the big bow on that headband! Now I see why you wanted the headband, too!

Kristin - The Goat

shannon i olson said...

I think your lovely!
I think Wisconsin is lovely, drive through occasionally.
I hope you will consider linking up in September with Storytellers....great old photos will be perfect!!!

Debbiedoos said...

SO FUN! What a hoot you are...I think you had more fun than the campers lol! Keetha I actually live in SC around 20 minutes from Charlotte....

Sarah said...

Keetha, looks like a lot of fun! I think your new little doll is oh so sweet. I'm going to visit your friend, Ulla.
Happy for you on the news of changes. :-)
Best wishes for a terrific weekend! ~ Sarah

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

YOU , my dear ARE GORGEOUS! And so is the necklace.

I just put my reservation application in the mail for the next Kamma Kamp! Looks like such fun! And your grands are ADORABLE!

CONGRATS on the adoption! She is GORGEOUS too. So many lovies in this post.

Ulla said...

Now I can feel happy about little Makena's new home. Everyone there looks very nice and friendly, from the grandmother to the little grandchildren. Makena will also be excited to get to know a new state and home town in a few months.

Theresa said...

Love the picture of your Grandmother, she is gorgeous and I would love to have that dress too!

You were busy with the camp and those precious grandkids, what a fun idea!

I just love the necklace and I think you look beautiful in it!

Sweet little dolly from Finland, I think she is precious and will SO enjoy her new home!

Beautiful view my friend, I just love it! I can't remember how far this is from where you live now, hopefully not far from the grandkids!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Ann in the UP said...

Fashion advice: If you wear your beautiful new necklace and matching blue shirt to KammaKamp, you'll need a sticker the color of Mac's.
Love your Miss Makena doll from Ulla, and I know she will love Wisconsin. We are embracing diversity and she is very sweet.

It was delightful to travel south to Chicago through Wisconsin and see that the Fire Danger is low all the way south. Of course the people with water in their basements may not be so happy about that.

Tonja said...

Loved pic of granmother...beautiful!

Cutest little doll...have you prepared her for the move?

Love the Kamp idea! Looks as if fun was had by all!

I suppose the way you wear your glasses is a matter of personal taste!

Angie said...

Both my Grannies were positively ugly - yes they were. Both of them were actually only in their forties and fifties when I was born in 1951 but they were very old-looking and forbidding. I suppos, all things considered,I turned out quite well!

Unknown said...

You know what's so cool about bloggy buddies? Even though you are moving to Wisconsin, we can still be as close as we are now! :)

The one with the shoes said...

Yay necklace and mumsie are beauties!

Bill Lisleman said...

Miss Makena just cracks me up. So black and those eyes and furry face - too funny