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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brunhilda and Borris at Lover's Leap


Yesterday when Sister Pam, dad and I went to hike in Wildcat Mountain State Park,

I discovered a couple of stowaways. Seems they weren't very happy about being left out of yesterday's romp to the old swimming hole.

Brunhilda made sure she had the BEST pocket, one where there was no danger of my shirt tail obstructing her view.

Borris was just glad to escape the confines of their purse conveyance and get out into the open air.

When we arrived at the park, Pam and Dad set out down a steep path strewn with loose gravel and little log "steps." (None of my photos do justice to the depth)

I was wearing my flip flops so I chose to stay safely at the TOP lest I lose my footing and roll, head over heels, all the way to the bottom.

As Pam and dad disappeared down into the dale,

Brunhilda and Borris jumped out of my pockets, planted themselves in the middle of the path, and let me know in no uncertain terms that they were NOT going to be happy just pocket sitting.

I assured them they were shortly going to be enjoying Look Out Point.

At first the Bearsaltandpeppers were silent and in awe of the beauty they could see over the guard rail at "Lover's Leap."

Then Brunhilda, ever the adventurous she-bear, cajoled Borris into climbing OVER the rail with her. There they sat, teetering on the brink of disaster.

Brunhilda still wasn't satisified. She climbed right to the edge.

I heard Borris begging her to come back. He tried to convince her to be reasonable.

But she turned her back on him and strutted right out to the very rim.

A few minutes later she found a swaying branch and took a "lover's leap" right into it. All Borris could do was put his paws over his eyes and shudder.

Finally she came back onto the wall, but insisted on standing right on the edge to pose for her picture.

I heard Borris mumble under his breath, "Honestly, I can't take her ANYWHERE!"



Anonymous said...

Some women, er, I mean bears, just like living dangerously. After all... you only live once, Borris, so let her do her wild thing.


Kristin - The Goat said...

She's Wild!!

What a beautiful spot, you and the bears were fortunate to be able to hang out over the edge and see all of it :)

xinex said...

What a creative post, Keetha, gorgeous views but the height kinda scares me. Happy

kyooty said...

Beautiful Scenery! I noticed your Dad is way more adventurous. Did you by chance pack ANY hiking shoes? You know those flip flips will kill you some day right? GET some sensible shoes? and socks,. Yes sport socks are heaven to any foot.
The bears? smart, I notice they aren't wearing any flip flops and didn't flip flop over the edge! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Perhaps you shouldn't have told Brunhilda the name of the site--Lover's Leap. You know how she bears are--taunting and teasing! :)

Coloradolady said...

Wild woman....that is the spirit!!!!

Doris Sturm said...

Wow, what a dare devil she is, but with all that beauty all around and all that oxygen from the fresh air, might do some unusual and unexpected things...I'm glad, though, that nobody got hurt, including you with your flip-flops...

Happy 4th of July!

Unknown said...

Love this post. Borris sounds like my husband-- "I can't take here ANYWHERE". Hee Hee!!!

Ann in the UP said...

Yeah Brunhilda! "While we live, let us live"!

Keep wearing flip-flops. They'll save you a world of climbing and huffing and puffing!

Sharon said...

I am late to say hi to a sorority sister, I had company last week but settled in and ready to travel through blog land. Thanks for the visit to my cottage and I will be back to follow a long on your journey.

Shannon said...

Looks like a very romantic spot for two bear lovers!

Lynn said...

Oh, Borris! You can't keep reining Brunhilda in like that! She is obviously a free spirit.

BTW. Panchita? Gotta hear that story.

Jojo said...

It's a true love story! Brunhilda is just waiting for him to come running!

nancygrayce said...

I'm afraid I'm the Borris here! Terrified of heights!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am glad that Brunhilda is back safe in the arms of Borris. She scared me!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So glad Brunhilda didn't jump! She and Boris are bears made in I mean heaven!! Beautiful view. Your vacation sounds like so much fun even if you have rebellious bears on your hands.

Angie said...

Just think, if it wasn't for your flip flops we might never have got this story! Good thing it wasn't Boris larking about....that would have just been showing off and blokes just never know when to stop. 'Scuse me while I finish laughing.

Ulla said...

Every Saltandpepper bear should have a right to have a vacation and experience some adventures. I can see how they enjoy themselves (Borris too).