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Sunday, October 4, 2009

What a Weekend!!!


First, it WAS a weekend, so I watched lots of college football.

In fact, I invited some college kids over to watch the Michigan/Michigan State game WITH me. You know you can't watch football without football food so - - -

Look at these fun things I found to SERVE the food on. Football plates and gridiron napkins!!! How fun are these?

And - - -

Football Little Debbie's brownies. No party could be complete without these, could it???

We also had chips and dip, queso with chips, and pizza.

Michigan State won - - - in case you didn't find that out on your own.

My Badgers also beat Minnesota - - - in case you needed to be told THAT too.

Oh, and for all my southern friends, Alabama beat Kentucky too!

All in all, it was a GREAT football weekend.

Then today - - - - the HIGHLIGHT of my weekend - - - something I've been looking forward to for OVER a month - - - have I built up the suspense enough yet????

Kristin from "The Goat" came to Marion SPECIALLY to visit with me!!!! We met for lunch at Culvers.

Then I brought Kristin here to my home, where she met Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper. Brunhilda was on her BEST behavior and didn't bite Kristin or anything!!!

I can't say as much for the behavior of Teddybear Toiletpaperholder in the bathroom, I'm afraid he forgot his manners and scared Miss Kristin half to DEATH when she went in there!

In spite of all the unBEARable things around here, we managed to sit in my family room and have a lovely chat for about an hour and a half before Kristin needed to head on up the road toward Michigan.

Before she headed out, Kristin showed me her car, and I'd say she was LOADED FOR BEAR herself!!! Of course, she IS going to Michigan for a month - - - but just look at all the STUFF she's taking!!!

She's got everything in there BUT the kitchen sink, at least I didn't SEE a sink, though I DID see the dish towels she plans to USE at her mother's kitchen sink!!!

She even brought her OWN pottery dishes and a glass to USE while in Michigan. I asked her if her mom was short of dishes - - - to which she replied, "nope, I just like to use mine, I LIKE my dishes."

She's just a fun kinda gal like that!

Then she hopped in her car, waved good-bye and headed on up the road.

Kristin, thank you SOOO much for making me a part of your travels today!!! It was soooo fun to meet you live and in person.



Tootsie said...

how cool is all that football stuff!!!! It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!

LV said...

The football goodies are great. I was not aware of the Little Debbie football brownies. Wish I had been at your party as I watched the Dallas Cowboys get beat by Denver.

Anonymous said...

culvers would go out of business if you left town

Sarah said...

Looks like a fun football weekend! GO TEAM! ~ Sarah

Kristin - The Goat said...

What Fun! I love the little football treats and plates and such and it must have been quite a fabulous day to watch Michigan State University beat UofM. :) of course I went to MSU, so I am totally biased.

Well, I don't know WHO that goofy looking girl is that came to visit you but she surely wasn't scared of no bear. :)

Oh Keetha I had such a lovely time, thank you for your hospitality and for taking me home with you. I enjoyed meeting the kitties and the bears and Fisherhubby and YOU! I wished I could have stayed longer. I have a feeling this won't be the last time we sit and chat :) Thank you Thank You!

Kristin - The Goat

Brenda said...

Those footballs are too cute! AND chocolate, Yum!
btw, I just found out that we do have a Culver's up north of the city. Gonna have to go sometime and check it out.
Have a wonderful week.

Brenda said...

And also...sorry got sidetracked im'ing my daughter on FB...I think it so neat that you got to meet a friend IRL. So fun when we get to put a 3D face to our Blogging friends!

j said...

JEALOUS! I. Am. Jealous. I would love to meet you IRL and I would love to see Kristin again.


It was an awesome weekend for college football. Yay for your Badgers and Yay for my Tide.

Have a great week Keetha!

Martin LaBar said...

Ah. Cyberspace meets reality!

Tonja said...

Roll Tide!!!

Glad you enjoyed the weekend and got to meet a friend! Isn't tht fun? I got to do the same thing...just by accident!!

Maggie said...

Love the football plates.
Looks like you had fun with Kristin.

I can't find my blog said...

Go Badgers!

Reading your blog is like coming home. Thanks for that.

Little Debbie football brownies? Holy cow I need some of those.

Shannon said...

I'll have to get some of those football brownies!

Lori E said...

If you feed them they will come back you know. I'm just saying.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm so glad you got to meet Kristin. I just love her blog.
Thanks for the pictures and how sweet of you to have her over.

groovyoldlady said...

You got to meet a bloggy friend. Hurray! One of my buddies is coming up to Maine next month and I'm already in a tizzy getting ready for her. Alas, I have no bears, but I think my blue phrogs will keep her busy for a while.

ashley said...

what a fun weekend! love all the football party gear! :)

Anonymous said...

what fun and it was so great to see Brunhilda and Borris again!

kyooty said...

what a great Weekend. :)

Gerson & Betsy said...

I'm glad your friend made it to Culvers! It was great to see you there as we were on our way out. Check out my blog to see Jayden decked out in he Colt's gear!

nancygrayce said...

I must say, even though I don't like football, those Little Debbie football brownies are just the cutest! Did they taste good?

How exciting to visit with another blogger!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

What a fun weekend! I envy all the fun your girls had! I know you had a blast! I look forward to the day when I can meet up with you two!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

So cool Keetha! Getting to meet a blogger friend! Now you better come visit me one of these days your in my neck of the woods! Oh, and the Packer/Viking thing. My hubby who may be the most devoted Packer fan ever has been in a bit of a funk. Last night was kind of hard on him but he did say Brett played like a 25 year old this morning. I guess he will survive but when Brett comes to Green Bay things may get ugly. Have a great day too ! Cindy

Nancy said...

Oh Keetha, you make life so much fun. Great football stuff. How cool that you are meeting some cyber-friends. Watch out, you may soon become a tourist attraction for Marion. (smile)

Kathy (Pearson) Troyer said...

I am sad the Boilermakers lost....