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Friday, October 30, 2009

"Are There Stars Out Tonight - - - "


Sixth period yesterday I walked into my classroom to see this:

Miss Courtney all ready to play "Football Friday" on Thursday since we don't have school today. Do you think she has my number or what???

And just what did she do with the stars that WEREN'T red or silver????

I guess you could say these are my star pupils. I TOLD you high schoolers STILL love stickers!!!

Then Miss Marie came in and turned them into video stars - - - talking about what is special about their grandparents. The video will be used on Grandparent day in mid-November.

Do you see the young man with "the look" on his face? He was saying that his grandparents always seem to be able to cook better than his parents.

To which I said, "Your grandma's chicken and noodles are the BEST."

"Thanks a lot, Mrs. Broyles," he replied "You just reminded me that she died."

Never a dull day on my constellation!!



Dixie said...

I was "that mom" when my oldest two daughters were in HS. The mom that lets the kids hang out at her house, supervised... (that way I always knew where my girls were)... People thought I was nuts, but I really did love the teenage years... I miss them... you brought them back... at least virtually, for me today.

Go Badgers!

Jewel said...

HA Jordan.

Lori E said...

Well how does one respond to that statement? No wonder you took the day off today. Now go blow your nose again.

Anonymous said...


Queen B. said...


Vickie said...

How's the nose? We missed you last night.

Janean said...

stickers ARE awesome!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

So good to see kids enjoying class....I think its the teacher!

And I LOVE the idea of video memories for grands day!