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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey

Just look what one of my students brought me yesterday:

Does she have my number or what!?!

SOME teachers bedeck their rooms with seasonal decor for every holiday.

Me???? - - - Uh, not so much. Here's MY Fall Flair, which will suffice from now through Thanksgiving:

Ye olde football gridiron on the corner of my desk. Actually, this MAY stay until the last day of school in May, given my proclivity for football.

And here is my gigantic tribute to fall and all her special days.

Oh, but it is a FUN little tribute, let's look more closely:

Black bears going huntin' through the leaves.

And just what do you suppose they're huntin'???

Ah, here he is!! Mr. Turkey Lurkey
Hiding behind a kleenex box.

Disclaimer: YES, I know my turkey LOOKS like a rooster, but he's the only TURKEY I've got, OK???? WORK WITH ME here!!!


Lori E said...

Okay you have the tidiest classroom I have ever seen.
Do you fill that football dish with treats for the kids?

Dixie said...

Living in Texas and being a Cowboys fan for many-many years, Turkey and Football are a perfect match for me! ;)

now, I've got to find some of those Little Debbie football cakes!

Cindy said...

Girl! I was flying through google reader and saw the football cake and thought, that must be Keetha, and backed up, sure enough. You are SO neat! Isn't THIS the best time of year. Football season, Oh, I love the football!

furniture Toronto said...

Hi. Beautiful pictures. I like the pumpkin with bears hunting the turkey. Really very nice decor. What are those leaves made from? I'm used to put pumpkins everywhere in and outside the house before Halloween. Sometimes I feel that our house is overcrowded with pumpkins but luckily nobody complains.

Take care,

Kristin - The Goat said...

You're giving me quite a bit to work with actually - A lot to laugh about!!!!

Love it :)

Kristin - The Goat

Holly said...


So did you save the snack cake like business save their first bill? Or did it get, um, gobbled?

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Run "little" bird, run! I guess we know what Boruss and the family will be eating for Thanksgiving....