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Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's the Theme of This Post? - REVEALED


You might look at these pictures and think, "My, how random!" But I DO have a linking thread. Can you guess what it is?

Put your guesses in the comments.

Yep - - - I'm ready to reveal. But before I do, I want to share some of your ideas, because frankly my dears, you are FAR more creative with the theme than I was!!!

Here are some of your suggestions:
Four of a kind
The color red in each photo
The girls made fish cookies and put them in the jar
Combined they make a great meal
(Having the girls OVER to eat fish and cookies)
They're all from Wisoconsin
(But they're not)
All females
(But they're not)
Size, shape, position
Summer fun
Back Home in Indiana

And now my two FAVORITE suggestions:
They all stink!
(But they don't)
4 "bear" naked girls in a fish pond

And the one that was CLOSEST:
GOOD THINGS come in 4's

And now the ACTUAL theme: They are all things that are PRECIOUS to us.

I pretty much GAVE it away in my comment - - - go ahead - - - go look! I thought this was too easy and too obvious.

"Our" four girls. Haley, our adopted daughter, Keri, Korie, and Piper.
These are our four precious girls.

The four bears that came home from Wisconsin with me - - -
Mama Cookie Jarbear with her cubs Chocolate, Chip, and Brownie
All settled into their Indiana home.
My favorite souvenir and bear reminder.

Fisherhubby's 4 1/2 pound smallie
Greg's pride and joy catch
Which I'm POSITIVE he kissed right
On it's cold slimy fishy lips.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Quizzie - I'm not sure, maybe it's:

Four of a kind

KBeau said...

I could probably make up some kind of connection between the first two, but then you had to throw in that fish. So right now, I'm stumped. Besides, I've had a margarita, so it's all I can do to type.

Nancy said...

I was thinking the same as KBeau about the first two pic, but since I am minus the margarita...

Here are 2 thoughts:
1.)Each picture has "4" --
4 girls
4 bears
4 (and 1/2) pounds of fish

2.)The GIRLS made cookies --
FISH cookies and placed them
in the BEAR cookie jar.

Tonja said...

I'm stumped! All I see is the color red in each picture. Duh!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I'm going with the 4 theme, but I have to say -- you've pretty much stumped me.

Cindy said...

I'm a dolt so, here goes...they're all new? Or recent?

Lori E said...

I know what it is but if I tell you I will have to kill you and nobody wants that.
It is really hard being a secret agent I gotta tell you.

Jewel said...

I'm thinking that if the answer is "4" it would be too obvious...

give me a minute to think.

Keri said...

They all stink!

Keetha Broyles said...


All your guesses are PRICELESS - - - especially' Keri's.

Keep them coming!

Jewel said...

When combined, they make a great meal!

haley said...

good things come in 4's?!?!

dana said...

Glad you're getting such a kick out of this little "test"'s that "teacher thing", isn't it?

How about size. In each photo, the subject (or part of the subject when it comes to the fish) is taller, higher or thicker (in other words BIGGER) then becomes progressively smaller. Ok, I know it was a was just the best I could do!! :)

Now, you need to send each of us who ventured a guess a batch of freshly baked choc. chip cookies!!

Loved catching up on your recent posts! That restaurant looked AMAZING!!! You must be PRETTY special if they cook a meal up just for YOU!!! :)

Have a great weekend! dana

KBeau said...

The margarita was last night. I'm thinking more clearly now. Did all of them come home with you from Wisconsin?

Diane said...

I have absolutely NO idea, but I'm sure looking forward to the answer!!!!

I too had the '4 theme' idea, but as someone else pointed out, that would just be too easy. I especially liked the 'stinkies' idea...I just don't know!

Many hugs............


grammy said...

Want some of those home baked choc chip cookies sooo here goes my guess....they are all females in the pictures!!!!

korie said...

i like grammys idea that they are all girls

grammy said...

Korie, I'll share my cookies with you if we win!!!!

kyooty said...

Fore? or for? or Four?

Lori E said...

Okay sunshine what is the answer?

Nancy said...

Here's another guess:

Shape & position of subjects.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I keep coming back to see if you've given us the answer to this puzzle - Nope... not yet.

grammy said...

Another guess..."summertime fun"..."things we did this summer, we'll remember all winter long"...BTW, Jim has a request for Ole's choco-chip (homemade cookies). He still talks about how good those were that Ole made on the island!!!

grammy said...

"Back home again in Indiana" send the cookies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Four "bear" naked girls in a fishpond.

Your handsome southern boy Jimmie Joe.

Anonymous said...

YES (fist going high in the air)!!!Keri & I deserve choco chip cookies and you have add where to send mine....I will be waiting!!!!

Jimmie Joe

haley said...

WOOHOO, i had the closest guess! and always am very touched by this post! you and your family are very precious to me as well and i'm so blessed to have you all in my life!!!

YAY for adoptive families!!!!!!

Martin LaBar said...

Nice smallmouth bass.

In other words, things worth, well, keepieng.

Trish said...

Goldilocks,the 3 bears and a big fish!