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Friday, August 14, 2009

Ludicrous, I Know!!!

Once upon a time I bought a blue mylar wig to wear to support my Colts. I was really thankful to finally FIND a blue mylar wig as it saved me the time and bother of spraying my hair blue and then washing it out all the time.

But, I didn't really LIKE the wig ON me. The hair was too long - - - I looked like Cleopatra AFTER she drowned in the Nile. No, I don't think she DID drown in the Nile, but if she HAD her hair would have looked like this.

I realized that this whole thought process was rather inane since blue mylar hair wasn't really SUPPOSED to look GOOD. But, still, I wasn't very pleased with my little wig results.

I really wanted the blue hair to be shorter and perkier. I know how to cut hair, and I kept thinking "Why not? Why can't I CUT this thing?"

Well, today as I was planning what to wear to the Colt's game tonight I KNEW I just didn't want to be a Nile Drowned Cleopatra when I made my debut at Lucas Oil Stadium. Didn't want to. Period.

It was time to get out the old scissors.

First I put the wig on my baby doll's head. (There will be a post about this doll at a later date - - - hang on for that all you VTT lovers.)

Then I began to cut and style. I used my scissors and my comb just like I was cutting real hair. I kid you not. Mylar ISN'T real hair, and it wasn't easy to get it layered the way I would have layered REAL hair - - - but I gave it a good old college try.

When I was finished the wig looked something like this. Actually, it looked EXACTLY like this - - - this IS the finished wig.

And here I am in my shorter perkier blue hair making my Lucas Oil debut. Now I don't look like Cleopatra, I look like Bozo.

Someone came up to me at the stadium and ASKED to have their picture taken with me because they loved the wig. (No need to admit that the "someone" was about 10.) The two ladies in the concession stand asked me where they could get one like it!!! (And they were quite a bit older than 10!)

I have much more to post about my FIRST Colts game - - - - - please tune in later.



Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

You did a fabulous job. I love me some Colts too. It is perkier and I don't agree that it looks like Bozo. You look ADORABLE.

Jackie said...

You are so funny, but that's why we love you.
Can't wait to hear about your COLTS night.

KBeau said...

You're looking good, Keetha. Great job on the hair.

Connie N. said...

This is too funny! I should look for a wig in green and gold and send it to you for "styling". Can't wait to hear about your game!

Tonja said...

well, I am at a loss for words...really! It's very blue!
And, it sure looks better after you cut it! I hope you get lots of enjoyment wearing is really...BLUE!


Trish said...

Well, I must say that you are one die hard Colts fan to go out sporting your blue Mylar hair...
And as a Hairdresser, I have to tell you that you did a mighty fine job on the new do!!!
Did they win!?

Kim Sue said... is really BLUE but I guess that is exactly what a good Colts fan would be going for!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Move over, Coco Chanel.
Keetha, YOU are a fashion icon.

And personally I think you look more like a Smurf --or possibly Cookie Monster -- than Bozo.

(So did anyone ask if it was natural?)


Char said...

You look like a fan. That's all that counts.

Lori E said...

A wig? Really? Nooooo it looks so natural.

I can't find my blog said...


Kristin - The Goat said...

I was laughing the entire post - I could hardly stand the wait to the very last photo!! But I read every word.

I have to tell you - the blue mylar "do" is hysterical and fabulous and totally unlike Cleopatra and more like you. Bravo!!!!

kyooty said...

oh now that's obsessive!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Keetha, reason # 227 why I love you. You crack me up! I love your attitude....and your new do!

Erin said...

You are too much. I love the wig! And the blue toes and fingers.