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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Feet Did the Walkin' - - -

These are not snow boots.
I'm sure you couldn't tell.
These are my brown leather Eastlands.
The ones I wear to school with my
Khaki pants.

They were never intended for this:

Which is what I had to do
to snap all the pictures I wanted.

Snap, Snap!!

The pants weren't really intended
To be worn as snow pants either.

Here's what I left behind.

That, and this too:

It was 17 degrees
And just a tad bit chilly.
But I was having so much fun
I didn't even notice.

Besides, in a little while
I went home and put on my:


And Flannel Jammie pants.

Ahhhhhhhh Pure comfort!!!

And with that my dear friends,
We end our Central Indiana Snow Tour.



Brad, Carmen, Braylen and Alea Fleck said...

Beautiful pictures, Keetha!!

Sherry said...

Beautiful pics. I've always loved snow days; lots of snow and a day at home and to enjoy it. We rarely get them around here, though.

I especially love the socks! (I'm a shoe person.) Nice flannel jammie pants, too. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I loved all your pictures, and most of all your stay at home socks. Keetha you are so good with words.

We have horrible temps right now too, and the worst part of it all is my dogs panic when they go outside because it's so cold. My oldest doggie doesn't want to do his business as a result. NO FUN!

Keetha Broyles said...

Smile Dangie - - - no matter how cold this arctic blasts get, it WILL WARM UP eventually.

Thanks for all the complimentary words about my words!!!

Julie said...

Love the socks! I actually have a pair of cozy pants and socks that I love for cold days also! Too bad they are in the laundry right now. :(

The hubby is probably relieved. He's probably sick of seeing them!

Keetha Broyles said...

It wouldnt' do to only have ONE pair or warm jammie pants- - - I have SEVERAL so I can always be warm!!!!

Those are the only stay-at-home socks that I have though.