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Sunday, January 4, 2009

White Elephant Dirty Santa


The game in which you try to pass off your trash as treasure:

Kim, I don't think that's big enough for you!!

Forever long stem daisies

What have we here?

Is that all there is?

Can't wait to see what I got!

Oooo-la-la, accessories!!!


Kim Sue said...

I've never played where there are actually white elephant gifts...a group of girlfriends get together and we all bring an ornament and they are always all super cute and at work we have played before and it was always a random lot like a pair of gloves, battery cables, an oldie movie, but typically it was useful stuff. I think it would be more fun with things thrown in that you really have no desire to take home!

Keetha Broyles said...

Believe it or not - - - there's still quite a bit of "stealing" that goes on. AND, it gets TONS of laughs. We all try to "sell" our item by holding it up, extolling its virtues, etc. It's pretty fun.

Amy R. said...

We have played a game like this at our neighbor's house a few times after Christmas. You have their daughter in one of your classes so I won't mention any names :) He has added dice and if you roll a certain number you could possibly end up with ALL the junk. People can bring as many gifts as they want to.. some have even included a toilet seat with a party members picture inside and this really ugly picture that somehow manages to show up at every party.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh Amy, that is REALLY funny.

Now, you HAVE to e-mail me and tell me which of my students is in on this!!!!!! How fun!