Many of you have asked where in the world I've been.

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Someday, when you least expect it, I will post again.

For those of you still waiting I say thank you.

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A "Jewel" in My Crown


Well, actually that is just an attempt at a somewhat creative title to catch your attention.

My friend, and former science student extraordinaire, Jewel tagged me to tell 25 little known facts about myself. Jewel, 25 is WAY too many and would make for WAY too boring a post - - - so I'll give you 10, and even at that I don't PROMISE you won't be yawning by the end.

1) I hate all forms of housework. Folding laundry is rather pleasant because it's soft, warm, and smells good - - - but first you have to sort and wash nasty dirty stuff with a clothespin on your nose.

2) I love winter. I love snow. I love cold. Of course, I don't have to walk across a large university campus in it - - - and I went to college in the "deep" south so never did have to do that. They thought 50 degrees was an arctic blast down there. I remember once they got a tiny skiff of snow and closed public schools for a week. NO LIE. And there wasn't one loaf of bread nor one gallon of milk to be found on any grocery store shelf during the "siege."

3) If I'm going to get snowed in, I want something a LOT tastier and FUN to eat than bread and milk.

4) I read myself to sleep every night. Sometimes I TRY to read myself BACK to sleep for hours in the middle of the night - - - see what you have to look forward to in old age? (And we won't even mention how many potty trips you'll be making during the night then either - - - I consider a potty-less night a major success.)

5) The gift you gave me for my 50th birthday was already needed by me at the time, so the BIGGEST joke was on you for giving it to me. Do you remember what it was? Oh - - - let's not be TOO explicit in this public forum, shall we?

6) Running backs are my favorite football players - - - though lately I've been pretty impressed with some wide receivers too. (Like Larry Fitzgerald)

7) I just learned this morning that Arizona Cardinals' Running Back, Tim Hightower and their QB, Kurt Warner are strong evangelical Christians - - - all the more reason for me to HOPE the Cards win tomorrow evening.

8) If blogging could be considered housework, then I'd LOVE housework.

9) I don't like salmon - - - so why do I have a freezer FULL of the stuff????

10) Once I nearly got myself and one of my then Junior High students KILLED in my camper during a tornado at teen camp.

Now I am supposed to tag others - - - but Jewel, I just made this list for you, so I'm not going to tag anyone else. If anyone who actually READS the words I write here feels so inclined, they may consider themselves tagged by me and give us a list of little known facts about themselves. Otherwise, I'm afraid this little branch of the tagging chain will end here.

Does anyone out there actually READ every word of this blog???? Just wonderin'



Julie said...

I read it! I love finding out interesting facts about you!

I don't like housework either, but I love a clean house. Unfortunately, those two cannot go hand in hand.

I'm with you on #4. I love falling asleep reading a book. And let's not even mention the bathroom trips. I could probably fight you for that record right now!

I'm really not a football fan, but am rooting for the Cardinals also for the same reason.

Love the list!

Keetha Broyles said...

Thanks Julie for reading AND for being such a LOYAL commentor. Yes, I imagine you DO understand the frequent potty trips right now - - - - but YOURS will pass, at least until you get MY age!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I read every word too! You are very interesting person, and I probably don't get out enough, so I love to read about other people!!! I have the full bladder during the night syndrome too, I am 35, what's my excuse! 3 babies who totally screwed up my lower working parts, maybe?!LOL I try to read at night, but get thru a chapter if I am lucky, can't keep my eyes open! Keetha, I wish I lived closer to you, I would come clean your house for you, I know, I am very weird, but I enjoy cleaning. I clean other people's houses during the week, told you I was weird!Hey, everybody can not be the same, what a boring world that would be!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Amy - - - I would HIRE you on the spot!!!!!

I USED to have a cleaning lady once a week. I LOVED it - - - LOVED her. But she lives almost an hour away from me now.

Anonymous said...

"4) I read myself to sleep every night. Sometimes I TRY to read myself BACK to sleep for hours in the middle of the night - - - see what you have to look forward to in old age? (And we won't even mention how many potty trips you'll be making during the night then either - - - I consider a potty-less night a major success.)"

are you kidding? this is me EVERY NIGHT! infact just this morning i woke up at 6:42 and couldn't sleep so i read and tried to read myself BACK to sleep. i can't even imainge (nor do i want to) what i will be like in old age. i'm in for some rough times!

p.s. my word verification was immatel. so for some reason i typed immatel? and yes i put a question mark. what in the world? now i'm not sure why i'm telling you (and all your readers that) because it's not interesting... but it made me laugh at myself!

Anonymous said...

one more thing lol. running backs are also my favorite football players. i LOVE mike hart! although i do love tom brady as well :) and kurt warner... i read an email the other day about him and his wife. it was such a great story and gave me this whole new respect for him. and i think it even made me a cry a little.

Anonymous said...

Hi Keetha...I read your blog almost every day, and enjoy it. And also enjoy all your pictures. We're loving the winter weather here in the Northwoods too. Seems like it's been below zero almost every night, but we still love it. We went for a walk around our trail in the woods today (we keep it plowed) and it was so pleasant. It was 41 degrees here today. That's very unusual for this winter. Just wanted to let you know I do read your blog and always enjoy it. Gwen from the "Northwoods of Wisconsin"

I can't find my blog said...

I just did this on facebook. I really hate doing them but love to read them.

Ok, spill it. What was the gift?

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL Headless - - - - I'm still wondering if Jewel remembers what it was!!!

Gwen - - - so glad to hear from you again. I was wondering just the other day if you still came to my blog since I hadn't heard from you in a long time. My computer tells me its 38 here this morning already - - - and that's also unusual for our winter here this year.

Haley - - - if you're already waking up multiple times per night, there may be no hope for you in old age!!! :-)

Sherry said...

Yes, I read it and enjoyed it! Your blog is so full of life and fun -- perhaps just like you in person?

Okay, now, I have a question for you, sweet Teach. What if your students decided to cut the assignments you gave them b/c they thought they were too long and also changed the instructions? :) HA! :)

Oh, I could NOT resist that. :) Seriously, I'm glad you felt you COULD change the tag's guidelines. They can be so time consuming. As for me, I'm not so inclined.

Have a wonderful day!!

linda t said...

Yes, I love your blog and I love your list!

Wasn't that the BEST SUPER BOWL game!!! Love our guys. SOOO proud of them! I am just now getting my voice back.

Oooh, I wish I lived near for some of that salmon!! I LOVE salmon! To me, it's like candy! In fact, in your honor, for cheering for our Cards, it's salmon tonight for dinner!

Jackie said...

YIP !!!
I read the entire post. :-)

Keetha Broyles said...

Wow - - - lots of readers!!!

Oh Sherry - - - if you had TOLD me it was homework, I would have diligently completed all 50 - - - which would have taken up about 10 or 11 computer screens since I can only get about 5 (or less) on one screen.

Keri said...

I read all of it...except the ones about football. :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh - - - then you didn't read it all, did ya!?! :-)

Jewel said...

I admit.. I don't remember??

Keetha Broyles said...

Ahhhhhh - - - then I'm not tellin'!!!!


Of course, you and Jessie BOTH gave it to me, in a lovely little black "over the hill" gift bag.

Nancy said...

OK. This is a very late comment. I do read your posts and like many others, enjoy you zest for life. Your personality has not changed since those days at Lincoln.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote 25 random facts on facebook. I may or may not decide to post them on my blog ... we'll see.