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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fishing Report


The boys have taken their boat and run away to Big Round Lake today with stars in their eyes about catching a plethora of smallies.

Never mind that their fish total here on the Gull is 540 with their largest EVER daily catch of 122, including this 4 pound large mouth, yesterday.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin the girls have completed 8 jigsaws, read a little, and ONE girl has "run with the bears" on three different occasions.

I'll let you guess which girl runs and which girl thinks running is a nasty old 4 letter word.

But HEY JACK, the nonrunner has watched the runner's progress on a map app and has been ready to jump in her car and dash to the rescue at a moment's notice should a black bear or elk or sasquatch or any other fierce beast threaten her life.

In fact the nonrunner saved the runner from the jaws of certain death by wild cricket just yesterday.  The nonrunner is a cricket slayer for sure.

That is just the way she rolls.


Tracy said...

Death by cricket would be extremely painful. Good thing the friend was there to save her. :)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I am guessing you may have been the rescuer?
Hoping your having a wonderful vacation up in them Northern parts.
Dan was up there last week and saw a black bear... I haven't this year, but that's ok.
Come over and visit me sometime on my blog...miss hearing from you!!